Ordering seeds to a non friendly state

Does anyone have any experience ordering seed from home grown to a state that is not so open minded as far as cannabis goes…Just curious. Any issues ?

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@MBSGROW it is the consumer’s responsibility to follow all applicable state laws. That said, seeds will be shipped where they are ordered in the US.

Worst case on the federal level since the passing of the 2018 farm bill seeds will just be confiscated and you’ll get a letter in the mail saying as much. State level I’m not too sure.

I’d just suggest following your local laws.

I am in a state that is not friendly and the seeds have arrived in a non conspicuous envelope with no problems with my orders.

Thanks for the info.

Aweasome! Thanks for the info.

None at all mine even go to a po box (small town no mailboxes)

Have had seeds shipped to “Non-Friendly” and never had a problem… Local Hydro-Store is now selling “Beans” when I inquired how they were able to do such under the current State Statute, they informed me that their Legal interpretation of the Law was of the nature, that the “Beans” did not contain THC and was therefore Legal… not an attorney, and their interpretation is a far stretch from my own however, in the End Buyer be Responsible…

Well they have arrived safely and I have two in the soil. So far so good lol. And I literally just found a hydro shop right down the street and the dude was like let me know I got beans and cuts. If only I found him a week earlier.


Usually the Feds consider themselves rulers of the US postal service. So if you use the mails you are using federal services. You probably also know it is still schedule 1 for the plant. They’ve been mailing seeds around for decades, even before the cbd stuff.

I wouldn’t worry about it, I think the comment that they contain virtually no thc has it’s merits.

Good luck


I’m in a similar situation, and I’ve had no probs receiving seeds or Delta THC gummies in the mail. No green card, no prescriptions. No problems.

I wouldn’t worry about the seeds, but the THC is what they are after…

I’d cease and desist ordering marijuana/thc via the federal mail systems and realize you’ve been lucky… so far.

Many states are also sending mushroom spores without any issues…


I live in one of those states and have received mine several times over, successfully.
The PO doesn’t really have the personnel to screen anymore.

I ordered from homegrown without issue in a non friendly state.