Orange Sherbet Auto at 16 Weeks

This one has me puzzled. It seemed it was in pre flower for 6 weeks but here she is after 16 weeks. This is week 4 of flower.

Running hydro. 19/5 800-1000 ppfd. Water 65 degrees. Lights on 80-84 degrees. 70 lights out. Humidity around 60%. Feeding it TPS ONE at 50% 1.5 EC, adding microbial mass pro every two weeks, and foliage feed silica and cal/mag every two weeks as well. I’m circulating 60 gallons, and do a 75% water replacement ever 4 weeks and add some hydrogen peroxide between changes.

Resin is super thick. You touch, and you’ll need to scrub your hands.

I was going to take cuttings but didn’t. I planted 3 beans and 2 of them are already dried and curing. Big plant trimmed and dried was 10 ounces. This plant is an easy 5X the size.

Not sure what I did right or wrong to create this monster but it’s filling up the tent shading the new ones…lol

I think I’m going to let go for another couple weeks and then cold water wash her…never thought I’d see an auto so big!

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Definitely a Monster! What ever you did it appears to have been right! Hope you documented it :yin_yang:


Nice job @tues2s. That’s quite a system you got there. I’d be interested in a follow-up smoke report on that cultivar.

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Dried out to a little over 850 grams. I’m jaring it up now…