Only AUTO talk. No photo

Hi everyone,
I wanted to start a topic that will be for only autoflower. Please no photo talk as this can confuse people. I met some poor kid in a forum that was wasting all his money on nutes and all sorts of different things that people were filling his head with.
With that being said, please just keep it auto specific. No, pictures of seedlings(we’ve all seen ugly kids), and try, if you have a question, to take pictures in natural light. Nobody can help if you can’t see the actual colors.
So I’ll start.

This is a 49 day old mimosa orange punch, and a 42 day old quarter pounder.
I prefer 3 gallon fabric pots. I grow in a 50/50 mix of coco and happy frog. I add a little extra perlite too, for drainage help.
I use Lotus nutes grow, boost, and bloom. I use these at 1/4 of the recommended. I add 1ml of cal mag per liter.
I currently use a kingled 1500. I keep it at 75f and about 79% rh.

Any questions or suggestions! Everyone is welcome!
Happy growing :fire::fire:

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I don’t think joining a community and setting the terms to comment on your posts is a good way to start a thread.

And I believe the responses here prove my point.