One Seed, Two Sprouts

Hey there! Has anyone ever seen this before (I’m sure you experts have)? From one seed, two plants grow… strange and welcomed. However, what are the good & the bad qualities? Will they actually grow to be friends in their kinship? Or perhaps, dreaded enemies, sucking the life out of each other? Or complement their sisterhood in glorious harmony?

Any advise based on experience would be immensely appreciated…

Thanks in advance!

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@Seamus these are called polyembryonic seedlings. One will be a normal plant with genes from both mom and dad and the other will be an exact genetic duplicate of mom usually. If from feminized seeds one will be a mix of the two mothers or varying mixes of the one mom if self pollinated where as the other will be an almost exact genetic duplicate of mom.

The main embryo (or I should say the embryo resulting from the pollination) will be more vigorous and shouldn’t have any issues. The other embryo that’s a copy of mom will usually have less vigor and can sometimes mutate and have other issues that are often the result of severe inbreeding and compound feminization.

You can separate them if you want and grow them separately or you can just cull the tiny one. Up to you.

You don’t want to really grow them together like that though because if the small one survives and isn’t out competed by the larger one the roots will bind together and you’ll have issues with competition for nutrients and if one gets sick with a root issue it will give it to the other.

I personally usually separate polyembryonic seedlings before transplanting. I like to keep them just in case one is a super one off amazing plant but generally the runty ones don’t make it and will die off in a few weeks. I’ve had some make it and had decent results but nothing too amazing yet.


Incredible reply on your end! You truly are the expert that I have seen in your other posts! I may try to let them go for a bit longer, just for the experience. Unfortunately, I didn’t see that there were two, when planting there was only one shoot.

Again, great information from you! Knowledge is Power! Thank you!

Just posting another of the same type, “Ricky Williams’ Chocolate Orange Feminized” from Homegrown Cannabis.


@Seamus thank you. That chocolate orange sounds like an interesting cultivar though. Let me know how it goes because that’s something I’d definitely like to try.

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Looking good… Plant that size I would probably have started watering the whole pot once or twice a week depending on soil/pot size as you want the feelers to be stretching out now as the roots have been to the bottom for some time now.

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@Seamus Can’t help but think of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito in Twins!

Hope the runt turns out well in the end, if you do decide to keep her! Keep us updated, curious how nature works things like this out! Always good for a shits’n’giggles experiment!

Remember, it’s all shits and giggles until someone giggles and shits!

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I started to do this after your reply. Gracis. Great advice as I am just a beginner.

Ah, I killed it. They’re was no real growth with the main tree, and none with the little sister. Now she’s growing up… slowly but surely…


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