One of my plants is not doing so well

Hey guys, can you please help identify what is wrong? The plant on the left is the only one having trouble.

29c temperature during the day, maybe too high?

I have started on bio grow yesterday.

What’s the medium, how often are you watering and are you feeding nutrients?

Its a LA Confidential seed i found in a bag with some flowers. I am using a soil mix with perlit.

I have transfered the plants from a jiffy thingy into the pots 3 days ago, and instarted watering until i saw the soil in the pot was all humid with no dry spots. After that, i have fed them some Biobizz Bio Grow yesterday, 1ml into 500ml of water, and i am using tap water.

I have not watered them today since i read i should water every 2 days.

Seedlings don’t need nutrients. Your plant will do fine. Don’t water too much. Think positive,

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There should be enough nutrients in the soil for a a month or so. Make sure you aren’t in miracle grow or something with too many nutrients in it as seedlings don’t require too much!

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the brown tip could be nutrient burn so just feed water for awhile.


In terms of temperature and humidity inside the tent, is 29c and around 40% to 50% fine?

it’s a little hot. but you should be fine. 21c to 25 c is ideal.

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70% humidity would be better for seedlings. Higher humidity would also bring down the temp.

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Some times plants just start slowly. I have a Gelato from Homegrown that I thought I should terminate, but I gave her a chance and I am glad I did. She is in the 3rd week of flower and fabulous!