One more time, the blind leading the blind?

Attention those who can see, and have a clue what they’re looking at. The nearly blind guy again, looking for a bit of photo analysis.
Blueberry auto, FFOF, liquid trio, SF1000 light, 18/6, best I can remember, a day or two short of ten weeks. This is the freak of nature that grew to forty inches, necessitated tying the top aside a bit to prevent serious sunburn as I ran out of adjustment for light height.

Pics are today. My limited assessment, based on crappy ability to see the pics, is the trichomes are still mostly white, and the hairs mostly straight. I’m inclined to give it a week or so more. What say the jury?


I would agree maybe even 2 more. I use a scope to get a good look at the trics better. Looking good an oh so close.

@Northcountryguy I’d say it still has another 2-3 weeks. Looks like the buds are still stacking and pistils have barely started changing.

Thanks. Might be my best yet, and the next two have been successfully transplanted at week two. I’m no green thumb, but I try to take direction, har!

Besides, I ran out of product weeks ago, so I’m not hopping on one foot as much as trying for the best harvest possible.

You got a little ways to go but you are in the home stretch and looking good.
If you are out of “product” and are Jonesing for a buzz, you can cheat a tiny bit and pinch a little bud and smoke it. It’ll be harsh as hell but hold you over.
Or you can make some cannabutter with a little bud and any scrapes you have laying around.
There above is very wasteful but will carry you over if need be.


Starting to smell really good. One of the nicest aspects of blueberry is the aroma, either alive or cured.
I gave in and snipped a grape sized bud just now. I’ll let it dry a bit and give it a test.
Meanwhile, looking pretty close I think?

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@Northcountryguy I still see too high % of white pistols. If it was mine, I would wait another week or so. Really looks neat, hardly anything but buds.

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Yeah, I defoliated a week or so ago, and just kept feeding the FF liquids, and 18/6 light…

Houston, we have liftoff. Dayum!

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