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Finally on the the next group of phenotypes… Seeds were dropped on 3/16 and flower flip was 5/9. Today will be the end of week 2 of flip.

The menu for this cycle…

Two Super Lemon Haze
Two Ghost Train Haze
One Golden Goat
One Steves Dream Queen (Green Crack/Skunk #1/Mazar star)

The dream queen is a slow grower from a previous cycle.

The two super lemon haze. A little smaller at this point and the squat one is already looking like a 13-14 weeker. I transplanted the nice of the two to a seven gal.

The dream queen… she was prime for flower and is off to the races… A nice looking plant and looking forward to seeing how she turns out.

And this I why they call her the the golden GOAT. An absolutely phenomenal plant with great natural structure. When the island sweet skunk starts coming through her look out. Highly recommend growing this one if you have the room for her.

The Ghost Train… One of my favorite sativas and one of the dankest plants you can grow.

And the training method for this cycle… I am only growing from the tops up (I topped all the stems I kept one time except on one GTH had to top the main stem tops twice to even the canopy) I have used no LST except on the squat SLH.

I am looking for quality and no larf… They pretty much had their last pruning 5 days before flip. The rest of the way just removing a few leaves every few days.

All of these plants are in PRO Mix MP organic (except two are mixed with some ocean forest I had on hand) and amended with 20% worm castings, 10% Harvest Hero enhanced perlite, and 3tbsp/ gal of Gaia Greens 2-8-4 and 4-4-4 at 50/50. Well water only and add Kelp and Molasses every other or third water. These plants have received nothing other than that and will receive next top dress at the end of week 3 at 100% 2-8-4 and worm castings.

After this Im gonna take it easy and run a couple autos and hopefully that’ll give me enough stash till winter harvest.


Congrats. Great pics and great diary of your grow.
Happy growing

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And the diary continues… Week 3 - Morning of day 18 flip… The pre flower top dress seem to be fueling these plants through the stretch and so far im pretty happy with this group… The Steves Dream Queen and Golden Goat are the most impressive so far but the others are not far behind. Today is the microbe drench 3 days before I top dress again with all 2-8-4 Gaia Greens and worm castings. One more light feed end of week 6 and then finish with water and molasses. A little sunlight for an hour or two a week during the 5% runoff to get them some UV. Doesn’t take much here with a high uv index and the trichome development seem to be much more developed when they get that sunlight once or twice a week,

The Golden Goat looking pretty for day 18

And the Steves Dream Queen looking nice as well.

The second of the super lemon haze is starting to shape up.

See how she goes for another week.

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Day 24 from flip. End of week 3 defoliation (don’t defoliate till at least end of wk 3 and they were definitely ready for it). Flowers starting progressing nicely and nice and sticky from the start. Pretty much just enjoying the view…

Golden Goat day 24 flip

The Dream Queen day 24

The Goat, Dream queen, and Super Lemon Haze making me a nice even canopy and the two ghost trains on the other side a little taller.

the ghost trains stretching out in the background

And on to day 1 of week 5 and the garden looking (and smelling) pretty sweet. Not much happening except a lotta of plumping. Flowers started to noticeably stack around day 24. Topped an extra half feeding to go with the end of week three feed… Make sure there is plenty of food in the bank incase they want it.

Every plant is pretty much coated with resin while the bright green is losing its luster. I have been watering basically daily for the last week and a half with zero run off and once a week she gets a 5-10% run off or I will water the bottom in a tray if I don’t feel like moving the plant… Popping new growth out the sides everywhere. The pistils are still pristine… The two furthest along have started to darken slightly to a yellow tint and are getting curly. The other are still sticking straight out as new growth pushes forth with it.

The odors on three plants really started to turn middle of last week. Still more of generic sweet smell but some citrus starting to come through.

Steves Dream Queen up front and center showing off.

the Golden Goat is not to be trifled with.

And a little super lemon haze at the end of week 4.


Today is day 35 since flip… end of week 5. Moved the tent to my basement as I was struggling to control environment… other Than that not much happening… Just a few highlights. Notice the pistils start turning towards the end of the week.

The Super Lemon Haze Pheno 2 looks like it got snowed on this week. This plant is so frosty and smelly already it immediately grabs your attention in the tent.

A couple more frosty trees

The Ghost Train Hazes are lagging a little in the frost dept. but are longer harvests… The buds are going to be huge and no doubt they will frost over the next few weeks if I know this strain.

The Steves Dream Queen from HGCC… One of the best smelling plants ever. Sweet tropical gassy.

And lastly the Golden Goat… Just sic

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Just keep on stacking middle of week 5… The super lemon haze is definitely the most stacked with resin and looks exactly what a SLH should look like. The SLH1 pheno is a fat runt and looks nothing like SLH… Not even the colors… The golden goat is a bit different than what im used to with this strain… Not in a bad way just different. The hairs are way to orange for this strain and im getting more of a pungent diesel than sweet skunk… But we’ll see how the terps develop the next couple weeks.

Golden Goat - Usually see these hairs more tan and smelling like that island sweet skunk by now. An interesting odor… more dank smelling. Super dense buds but not huge… Typical of the goat.

The dream queen and the Ghost Train haze #2 are starting to separate in terms of the whole package so far… Size, frost, and smell. Then we just gotta see how they smoke.

The Steves Dream Queen - Just fat sticky nugs clusters all the way down the stem.

GTH2 - The fattest nugs on top. grammers all the way down the stem. Starting to stack some resin and is expressing the most smell truest to its strain so far.

Since I moved the tent pretty much dialed. RH in high 50s during day and dropping to high 30s with lights out.

And with harvest around the corner… been slacking. Got the next group of beans dropped about a week late but had to get my soil set up.

Phenos on deck will be any of them that make it through germ and that will depend on final pot size. Skipping the solo and going straight to the transition pot as I did last run. No soaking, paper towel, etc… Just some old fashioned been dropping so we’ll see how it goes. Last round I was 6 for 6. . Not running sets this time just individual phenos.

  1. Grape Ape 2. Pineapple Express, 3. Girl Scout Cookies 4. Cherry Pie, 5. Super Lemon Haze, 6. Steves Dream Queen, 7. Blueberry Diesel

If I can get 6/7 I’ll be stoked.

4/7 pushing through dirt in less than 60hrs… no helmets. Just keep ‘em wet and warm. You’ll be a week ahead of paper towel method.

Still waiting on Grape Ape, SLH, and cherry pie.

Middle of week 7 (Day 46 since going to 12/12).

Golden Goat… The only one that is going to need support as her legs are pretty skinny and she’s been flopping since week 5. Super stinky… Looks like she’s about done stacking and can just finish out. Still not smelling the Island Sweet Skunk but the odor is turning sweeter.

Steves Dream Queen (HGCC)… Beautiful massive yeilder. I could literally sit in front of her and smell her all day. Ive grown lots of green crack but this takes the cake in terms of terps and frost.

Dream Queen nugs… Seriously, who wouldn’t want to see that in their bag.

Super Lemon Haze (pheno 2 in this run) … The most nasty dank in the tent. But hey, it is SLH.
Much sweeter than typical SLH… Like lemon sugar cookies.

Super Lemon Haze #1 - The squat fat one… The nugs are seriously growing like an OG…Just big fatties. Typical lemon cleaner smell.

Some views from week 7…

The Sour ape on Day 18 towering over everything in the tent. Gonna be a massive tree.

Through week 8 - day 56 of flip and still going. Looking like a couple will go 60-65 and a couple will go 65-70. Trichomes have started to turn but none are deep Amber yet.

Golden Goat day 56 flower - on schedule for 60 days

Super Lemon Haze day 56 Flower - Looking like 65

Ghost Train Haze day 56 - Looking like shell be pushing 65-70

Steves Dream Queen (green crack) day 56 flower. Looking like 60-65

Day 55 - two small nugs clipped for trichome checks… (goat and queen) - We’ll test them out in a few days.

Almost there… another week or two can’t come soon enough. The afternoon thunder showers are making humidity tough to manage.


Man those are some purty girls you have there. Well done sir