Old Grower but Newby Indoors Blueberry Auto

Hi. I have grown many plants outside with good and bad results, depending on the weather and conditions. I decided to try to grow some winter crop to see what would happen indoors. Chose 2 Blueberry auto, 2 fem white widow and 1 fem gelato. I have them in a grow closet, best way put. They popped and were planted 10-5-2020 in super soil. Looking good until we had a freak cold spell and I did not think about the plants, as they were under lights, but not heat lamps. So I think the blueberry became stunted. PH has been correct, just at 6.7. I wanted to attach a photo as I believe they are in full flower right now, but only 10"-12" tall. If they are in full flower, how long before I should harvest, as the pistols are just slightly turning brown. Outside I would wait for a couple more weeks, but not sure about indoors. They are pretty, just tiny (laughing).


you have auto photo in same tent? what Kind of light schedule are you running? Do you keep track of R.H., temperature, and what your run off ph is? Is your soul aerated pretty decent?

Photos and autos will kind of need diff light cycles depending on preference. my auto gets 24 hr light. even in flower. photos need that 18/6hr veg 12/12hr flower .


Yes. I have the autos now in the same closet with the fems. 18/6 hour lights. Read many articles stating that it didn’t really matter for the autos. So, newbie has regular light cycle going. Really missing my warm outside weather. We will see where this goes. Love gardening outside. Inside has always been a challenge. Not sure I want all the “power” LOL.

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I understand @JEM I’m new to growing , but I’d love it if I could grow outside.

Quick update on where we are. I think I am going to pull the autos this weekend. They are not getting any taller and the buds are fat with hairs gone orange. First time with autos and not sure if I am impressed. Will try some this next season outside and see what happens. The autos only grew to 12" tall with 4 decent main buds and 4 small buds. Not sure, but I think I allowed the room to get too cold and stunted their growth. The White Widows and the Gelato are looking full and bushy, but not very tall. I don’t think I have enough heat/lights, so will play next go round. Don’t want to disturb the closet as they are looking nice (IMO). :slight_smile: Looking forward to tasting the blueberry in a couple weeks. Will let you know how it tastes. Thanks and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Send some pics, we wanna see um.

Back at ya,Outside grower;Newbe inside.
Second winter inside grow…Last year under T5s…Plants in scrog…Never again…Lights inches from plants…Mistake learned…This year closet grow under LED…As I see it, learn as I go…I’m an outside gardener who plants his herb along with tomatoes,okra, and few other veggies…Good luck with your grow…

Looking forward to seeing your harvest @JEM. My 1st grow was WW auto. Glew by the seat of my pants.

Thankful for everyone on this forum. Harvested 1.3 oz of bud. Waiting anxiously for my GDP in 3rd wk of flower

Merry Christmas & drop those pics!!