Okay should I harvest to much rain?

okay should I harvest to much rain?

and the leaves browing with streaks?

looks like you are getting MOLD…gotta clean that out
clip off those bad leaves (no more than 30% or the plant at 1 time) but WASH the mold off those leaves and be careful to not spread it.
your flowers are very young and nowhere near ready but if you have to rescue the plant, something is better than nothing
Lets see if others agree on the mold

If you can wipe some of the brown off, I agree with Mike. If not, climate and/or a nute def.

I’m seeing white spots on some of the leaves, so yes looks like mold or PM, I’m not sure about the brown but that looks more nutrition related.

@Mrb53004 has a recipe for a diluted milk solution that can be used as a foliar spray to help with the mold if you want to make a salvage attempt. Your pH is probably off too, or else you have some type of deficiency happening.

yes, there appears to be a P&K issue (slight) but it is secondary to the mold. Problem is, you can’t spray milk on the buds, it will make the mold go super active so you either spray with a peroxide solution or alcohol or even a ph>9 but be prepared to burn the buds with that (like vinegar / lemon watered down). Peroxide may be your best alternative or chop chop

my others seem to be fine

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if they are fine, consider a 50/50 milk water spray, careful not to get on the buds much…just on leaves, especially where they are dense or touch