Odor-free Weed in Canna-da

“Recent testing shows cannabis strain with 35 per cent THC virtually stink-free.”

Check this out. Whatcha think?

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I guess I could see it for edibles, maybe you’re cooking with it and don’t want to alter the taste of your dish.

Not sold on its use for smoking / vaping. They didn’t mention how it tastes. That’s nearly as important to me as actually getting stoned off it.

I suppose by definition we never get to know what the “proprietary technology” is. I wonder if they just got some bunk weed that wasn’t cured right and the “technology” is just this sales pitch. Guess we can never know for certain.


If it is not terpy it’s not going twice in my garden. I have more than once had to compost ceremony at harvest some lovely eye candy👀. Because it made a let down by flavorless smoke. Even if it got me high, just hit the oil bin then the compost bin.

I would guess it smokes like thc isolates. Racy parainoid android high. The whole reason Marinol pils were a flop. People got paranoid with out the cbd and terps. I think the terps are more important than the thc. But I admit that is my bias fully. I would select away from odorless variants; and have chucked them out myself. I am a ruthless mf at selection of keepers. Mold and smell.

Maybe if you grow in Idaho or or the Philippine islands or something. Where your freedom or life is at stake. But over all they missed their peak north American market by about 25 years.