Oddities and freaks of nature

Was checking out the garden this morning and noticed something cool from one of my cheese autos…from homegrown btw…
This is what I saw…

Can you see it?

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Sorry, I can’t. It might be my failing eyesight, as it is with many older folks. I can see a node that is responding like it was fimmed…is that it? Or is it a sex issue? I need a better, clearer pic

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Different colors on the stems and leaves?

Sorry I don’t see “it” either. You caught my curiosity with “freak”.

The different pattern of color in the stems and leaves is what I’m seeing?

That’s what I saw too - the blue stems.

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Are you under a burple light? Either way, try it without the light on. Even white led will cast a certain spectrum. You have REFLECTION happening and light moving towards you is blue while light moving away is of the red spectrum
That could also be mold…from the underside as it is grey and will pick up color from the lamps. The underside of leaves, especially when close to the substrate, and not enough air circulation…can do that
Otherwise, you got RAINBOW!


The weird thing about this plant is…
It has not 2 but 3 fan leafs along with small branching growth at the same point. (There should only be 2.

And yes I use a full spectrum cod led light. Parfectwork.

Oh the “mold” is just the real fine hairs that company all fan leafs.