Nutrients is it suggested to mix

I’m currently using cutting edge solutions for my nutrients I am wondering is it OK to add Mega Morphis Guano Tea and Herculean harvest liquid bonemeal from nectar for the godsTo my feeding regimen or is that overdoing it I know that Fox Farm ocean forest Which is the soil that I use now has guano and kelp meal and other organic amendments like that so would I be OK and have better results than not

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What stage are your plants in? If you are thinking of adding bat guano I am guessing you are still in veg. If you are still in veg Ocean Forest should be good for nitrogen requirements unless you are trying to grow some monster plants.

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Well you FFOF is got a good bit of nitrogen already, so unless your going really big, and plan to veg for a long time I wouldnt. Bat guano is an amazing ammendment, and has a TON of beneficial affects, but it is high in the nitrogen.

What exact results are you trying to achieve? Push the girls harder? Grow big plants? Or just want them to have all they can and a variety?

You can always make an A.C.T. (aireated compost tea) out of the guano etc and use it as a feed/supplement. That’s what I typically do, it adds microbes to the soil and feeds the soil which in turn makes it easier for your plants to feed. It also can flush out some of the salt build up. I usually feed ACT every 14-21 days.

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I already use it as suggested on the bottle I only use during flower as an extra additive to see if it boost to make them bigger so truthfully by time I start using the guano the amendment in the Fox Farm should have already been eaten up if I’m correct if not please correct me so I’m just replenishing some of those organic amendments that were in there to begin with right

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The guano is not a dry amendment though it is in a liquid form from nectar from the gods

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This was my first run using Foxfarm nutrients little bit of nutrient burns still turned out fireUsing cutting edge solutions now with no problems I added guano tea and bonemeal from nectar of the gods line no issues yet just don’t want to have any


Nice, man those things are beautiful

Hey thanks That was my first run on my second now