Nutrients for soil

So I’m looking for a good simply base nutrient mix for soil, any good recommendations??

wet, dry…and what is your soil makeup now? Also - organic, veganic?

I’ve always used the organic miracle grow in the black bag and have had good results, @Mrb53004 not sure what you are meaning by wet or dry soil

@Hippy1978 For a base soil mix? Roots Organic Soil and Biobizz Light-Mix.
Making your own soil? Google for Subcool Super Soil :slight_smile: I can’t upload a PDF here :file_folder:
This method requires only pH water with molasses / kelp

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wet or dry…liquid fertilizers or dry material for top dressing

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Wet, lol sorry man wasn’t sure

what is your soil (type / composition)…and describe your environment
Many may answer this as there is no ONE preferred answer. Many of us have worked out what works for us but that is based on OUR environment, not yours. Almost any micro, veg, bloom for soil would / could work
I am working tomorrow so I will be out but will try to answer for another day

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I use the lotus nutrients pack it’s easy to use and they are dry so you get more bang for the buck. Like steroids for plants 3 part pack plus get the carbo flush

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My kid got a rock tumbler last Christmas. The tumbler has not been at rest since. He is having lots of fun tumbling every rock he finds. The timer goes a week and then you are supposed to dump out the slurry and put in more sand.

I swear the rock slurry afterwards smells and looks JUST like azomite mineral rock dust for gardening. I have been disposing of the rock tumbler slurry in my raised beds all winter. Free azomite from my sons new hobby. Just thought I would share.


So funny…I use my kids rock tumbler to tumble my buds after drying…makes them pristine. I set them in coffee cans…I am trying to figure out how to convert it to a bubble hash maker!

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