Nutrient question

I have some autos in early flower. When can I amend some molasses with water? I am using ffof with living soil auto booster. PH 6.8-7. Not sure if you need any more info

6.8 ph should be the highest water you use. 6.2 to 6.8 is the good range. Molasses can be used at any stage.

I have only seen it at 7 once normally 6.6-6.8. Thanks for the help.

Just watch the ppm’s to keep them where they should be. Remember, molasses also provides some calcium, mag, sulfur, etc…You are in soil so it will self correct the ph but make sure you test BEFORE YOU FEED, you do not want it too far out of range…it can affect absorbtion.

I am using unsulphered molasses. Is that bad?

NO, that is exactly what you are supposed to be using…Keep it light. Many use 1 tsp per gal water, I use less and use it EVERY WATERING till the homestretch

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Well I have that mostly right.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:thanks so much. By the way I harvested 3 of 4 of my first grow yesterday. Trichomes were mostly cloudy with maybe a 1/3 amber. The buds are thumb sized but way sticky. Number 4 has avfew days.


Molasses does not feed the plant it feeds the microbes in the soil which in return helps the plant uptake nutrients and everything else so are u just starving your plant if you’re only giving it molasses I have heard of people doing this only feeding molasses

You need to start amending the guano and the other ingredients in Ocean Forest in my opinion nectar/gods or you can go with some dry amendments but the dry amendments aren’t going to work as fast does anyone know if I can continue with guano and or bone meal after flush to harvest

It is my understanding that after flush for harvest do not feed any additional nutrients. If you feed a guano during flower I would make sure it is a high P low N one.

Molasses is am “amendment”. It does NOT take the place of nutrients…
Bone meal - Phosphorous…not needed after flush but will not make a difference a long as it is organic…no chemical versions as it changes the taste
Guano - Bat guano typically has a 10-3-1 ratio of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. That is TOO MUCH N so, I would not amend with it when in the final stages


If I am wrong please tell me butt I use ffof as my soil. I use 3 gal buckets. I amend the bottom 1/3 of soil with 1 pound if living soil auto nuetrients. I want to avoid chemicals if possible so I want to use the molasses to help supply nutrients to the girls. If possible my goal is to learn how to get nice yields by the right application of these things. My PH is good. Shiuld I think about anything else?


There is a guy on YouTube I don’t know if I can mention names he uses all dry amendments and pre-feeds his plants are organic he does his procedure about once every three weeks so he pre-feed his plants then you could just use the molasses to mix it with your water during your waterings I would think . They also sell one shot granules that are coated in molasses so you could also look into using those granules with your amendments that you want to apply to your soilBut don’t just use the one shot granules that they will work for your feedings they will but it’s recommended to also use other organicAnd I would probably also switch up to a 5 gallon bucket just for more root growth


I know who that is I will check him out better. Thank you

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Thanks So the guano from the Nectar/gods Being a chemical version don’t use it after flush is what you’re saying if so thanks again

I’m saying GUANO is TOO HIGH IN NITROGEN for use at that time. Guano is usually organic but some are chemically PROCESSED, it must SAY ORGANIC. It only makes a difference if you are an ORGANIC grower