Nute Burn Question

On my second grow, sour diesel auto. I have 3 smaller 600 watt lights on full spectrum about 14-16 inches above plants. Growing in a 4’x8’ tent in my pole barn. I am in week 8 of veg and week 3 of flower on most. I have one plant just starting to flower. I am growing in 3 gallon fabric pots. I am watering from bottom up and plants have been growing good.

I just watered and fed them a few days ago. We had a really hot few days here and watering was a little late. Some of bottom leaves were drooping and yellowing, while some more were a little wilted. After watering everything bounced back really quickly and after removing a few yellow bottom leafs all looked good. Last night I noticed a little nutrient burn on some of the leaves on one plant. Today the brown tips grew a little more, and two or three leafs on other plants had some very minor browning of the tips.

I know I am supposed to flush them and cut back on nutes next time. Problem is the plant with the biggest problem is still fairly wet. It doesn’t seem to be going through water as well as the others. The rest of them are ready for watering tomorrow and I plan on flushing them by watering from top down this time.

Question is how much water to flush and what about the one with the wet soil? Do I flush now or do I wait until it dries out some more?

Always flush. Last two weeks no nutes. I learned the hard way. When flowering you can be at 30 percent water and still water. . Burnt Tips means flush. Hope this helps. Happy growing.

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