Not sure whats going on with the girls

Hello good evening. I am Q and I have a couple questions.My girls don’t seem to be growing. Well they are growing just not producing anything yet. Its been 3 months and 2 weeks. They now have a 24hr sun light time. I just cut some of the big leafs off that were blocking the light.

Just to give a brief bit of history. July 3rd was when I started the germination process.

July 15th I transferred all 4 into pots instead of the red solo cups

August 23rd I transferred all to 5gl pots

Oct 1st I switched my lights to bloom/flower. Which is the redish hue. But Im not sure if its the right setting.

I have started to introduce them to nutrition. I am now on the bloom mix but I’m not sure if its helping. Some of the leaves look yellow which might mean its to hot in my tent. I’m new to growing and I don’t know what I’m doing. Any pointers? I have all feminized seeds. They are

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Critical Billbo


If you want to flower them you need to use a 12/12 lighting schedule if they’re photos. 12 on 12 off. If they’re autos the 24 will work. Some autos take up to 6 weeks to start flowering but generally start sexing and flowering around week four. The yellowing can be from either a nutrient surplus or deficiency. I’m assuming with what you have said it’s likely a potassium and phosphorus surplus because you started using bloom nutrients before flowering. Potassium surplus can block out other nutrients and lower soil ph causing nutrient deficiencies.

I’d stop using the bloom nutrients for now, flush your medium with neutral ph water, and treat the top soil with a bit of dolomite lime to bring the ph back. After a few days the plants should perk back up and you can go back to your normal regiment. Make sure not to use bloom and flower nutrients until they are actually blooming and flowering. Happy growing. :v::call_me_hand::metal:


Thank you! Not sure if their autos or photos. I believe photos. They are 3 months old or 14 weeks old. I will flush like you suggested for this week. I did today when I watered them. I also try to switch the time light. I do believe they are photo. Thank you again!!


@Qshea you’re welcome. If you don’t want to bother with manually changing the time you can get digital timers pretty cheap on Amazon. They’re between $10 and $15 for a decent quality one with a back up battery.


I’m a Newbie too, and have read in numerous forums that Photoperiods NEED (want, must have, will get) a 12/12 light cycle to begin flowering…otherwise, you’ll be stuck in a permanent “Vegetative State” (that sounds awful). Autoflowers: “They” recommend an 18/6 light cycle all the way from Seed to Harvest. The light cycle makes no difference to Autoflowers…they will begin flowering when they’re ready to, regardless of what you do.

But at the same time, you probably should not run your lights 24 hrs a day (for Autoflowers), as your Girls need some Rest time each day. You CAN go 20/4 or 24 hrs/day, but it will not increase your yield.

PS: Multiple re-potting is not a good idea. Some strains are very sensitive to this. If you must…ok, do. Otherwise, please don’t.

Most of the experienced Growers I’ve talked to have told me that, when dealing with Cannabis, “Less Is More”, when it comes to the fertilizer. Be careful, especially in the flowering stage. Do not over-water them. And brand-new Seedlings don’t need fertilizer at all. Not for the first week or two. Just some regular soil…or Coco.


I would listen to @MDBuds he is one of the most knowledgeable people in growing Cannabis I have ever run across. And also welcome to the forum @Qshea happy growing.


Qshea, check out: the Cannabis Kronicles on youtube. He says u can grow Autos on 24 hour light. :sunglasses: After doing my own independent research I will be using 24 hours on for all of my autos.

You will find that for however many people there are in this world, that is how many opinions you will have on most any subject you can find, including cannabis growing.

The larger issue is: what do you feel comfortable with and how much time and effort and RESEARCH are you :sunglasses: :smile: :call_me_hand:t6: :vulcan_salute:t6:willing to commit to growing. Because ultimately your grow/GROWTH reflects who you are, YOU.

I hope that the last sentence is not a mixed metaphor!!!
If this reply comes off as “preachy”, my apologies.

PEACE, to you & yours,
G :sunglasses:

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I grow auto’s all winter long. ROI - my return on investment - lights anywhere from 16-20 on. The difference I can measure is in return. The increase in return did not outweigh the cost of getting there. I am within a gram or 2 from 16 to 24. It is not worth a gram for the cost of light,cooling, extra feedings and my time that can be spent on something else. This is only an opinion. It works for me because of MY SETUP. Yours may be different so you cost may be different so you would have a different outcome. All that extra light and heat was just not worth it to me


@Qshea it sounds like you have photoperiod plants on an autoflower light scedule other wise you would have some blooms buy now. (Just a couple questions first. Did you use feminized seed? Can you post a picture?) After doing the things MDbuds suggested I would give them time to recover. Mabey 10 days or so then switch to a 12/12 hour light scedule. The only reason I bring this up after it has already been suggested is it is super critical that the plants get 12 solid hours of total darkness. The suggestion about a automatic timer is almost 100% nessesary. You can also get them anywere Christmas tree lights are sold. And the darkness must be total darkness even little light leaks will mess you up big time.