Not sure if I should switch to flower

Plant is starting to take off in terms of growth, not sure if I should start the flowering process

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Tell us more about your grow space and variety.

More info & pictures would help with advice from some experts here…

I’m in a 2x4x5 ,the plant is currently about 1 1/4 foot tall and is a sativa clone from a dispensary (would post photos but it says file size is too big to post)

Ithink a 5’ tent is a bit short when you consider the hanging light, i have a 2x2x5 & I switched earlier than i should have because i was afraid of the additional growth in flower might outgrow my tent, so far height is not an issue, so im thinking i could have let them grow more under 18/6 ,mine were only about 14’’ tall, but very wide because of topping & lst, so i have a pretty good canopy but they could have grown a bit larger. im sure there will be some expert growers helping you soon, good luck & happy growing…

I would let the plant dry to the point it wilts, LST the apical stem to bend it over so you reduce the height of the canopy and make it more manageable for vegging. Once you are happy with your canopy, then flip…expect a minimum of 12 inches stretch or more so stay on top of training to keep the grow vertical rather than horizontal. After wilting, the stem will be much softer and gently tie / staple the stem/s down…Then water and watch her go right to church (praying)