Not sure if I should count as in flower?

I see allot of white pistols but for 2 weeks now that’s all she’s done. First 2 pictures are from 4 days ago. 3rd is from today.


you are officially in EARLY FLOWER! This should continue for at least 6 weeks or MORE


What does early flower mean? This is supposed to be an auto?

early flower means the first 2 weeks of flowering…nothing to do with auto or photo…just the stage the flowering is in. Both kind will usually flower 6-11 weeks depending on strain and conditions

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Do photo’s show allot of pistols without 12/12 lighting? I thought I would have to put my lights at 12/12 for photo’s to go into flower?

environment, hormones, conditions, lights, darkness, stress all affect flowering. I do not know your strain or pheno type…but some things are similar across each variety

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if its an auto, you keep your lights at 18/6 or 20/4 , you do not change the light cycle, if they are flowering without changing the light cycle, they are auto…

Yeah my lights are at 18/6. I just thought she was flowing a little late

I think the longer they stay in veg = bigger plant = bigger yield, hopefully that holds true for you… :+1:


That’s what I’m hoping for to. She still is just growing and showing pistols.

watch to make sure you do not overgrow the plant based on the container size…it can lead to issues later when flowering begins

Yeah but repotting now isn’t a choice is it? Being that she’s in flower. How would I stop her growing? Lower the light?

if she is in EARLY FLOWER (first couple weeks), she will overcome the transplant unless she is an auto…then NOT!
If you have her under lights, you can UNFLIP (increase lights to 24hrs for 2/3 days, then settle back into an 18/6 and she will go back to VEG state)…this will add quite some time to her finishing.

Remember, flowering will add 12-36 inches of bud depending on strain so do not think her too small. She doesn’t have to produce a ton, just GOOD BUD! Sometimes we settle for lesser plant, greater quality, sometimes we get neither…it happens

I agree and Really thank you for all your input. I really listen to you old timers lol. She is supposed to be an auto though. I’ve had her on 18/6 the whole time. So with her flowering like this on 18/6 I would bet she is am auto. I wasn’t sure at first but now I am about positive.

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then just let her GROW…Happy Growing!


Absolutely!!! Same to you sir!!!