Not flowering photo

I have 2 skywalker OG that I planted from seed. Everything went as planned except for the fact that they have been on 12/12 for almost 4 weeks now with no signs of anything. Just normal growth. Any help would be great! Thanks

@Shyp315 how long did you veg them? If you started right at 12/12 from seed they still won’t flower until they reach sexual maturity between 6 and 8 weeks of age. So at 4 weeks they still have roughly 2-4 weeks to go until they will reach maturity and start preflowering.

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They were on 18/6 for 6 weeks.

@Shyp315 have any pictures?

Nutrients? Too much nitrogen could slow flowering. Lights/temps? I generally would not change intensity from veg until week 3-4 of flower on photo as I’ve seen this delay the stretch.

Our next group of photos. These girls went 8 weeks from germ… They are on day 4 of flower and I started seeing flower sites start strectching up yesterday. I will generally see pistils by the end by the end of week 1 or early in 2. My plants have been at 65% light intensity at approximately 18-24 inches and I will need to increase that to about 75% with my lights once they are actually flowering to get the proper par levels.

The bonzai tree front left (super lemon haze) is even starting to push her tops through. That one and the one to its right are both the same strain but clearly different phenotypes. One super squat and one well spaced and started stretching better already.

It may be a nice pheno for a small grow space without a lot of height and those branches gonna make some dank.

Also, in the top dress prior to flipping, I turn half the nutrients to a bloom mix.

@MDBuds here are some pictures. Looks like some small pistels coming in now. Maybe it’s just taking a while to mature?