Northern lights auto

I have 3 northern lights autos as a part of my 14 plant jungle in my 4X4 tent. I believe I topped one fimmed one and left one natural, or I topped 2 and 1 was left alone, but either way they are looking and smelling good. They started to show being in pre flower the last few days of March so I am figuring they are just over 2 weeks into flower now.

image image image


Update on the plants. Playing around with the options of training like I did with each plant has been interesting, it definitely is crazy how different the plants turned out, the 2 smaller plants I harvested 2 days ago and the larger plant I chopped down last night. The smaller plants were grown in 1 gallon pots and the other in a 3 gallon pot.

I have one New York Diesel that’s definitely getting closer to being done and one a bit behind

New York diesel probably about 5 weeks into flower.

I still have 3 AK-47 autos going and 2 blueberry autos, 3 tangie chocolope photos and one orange velvet photo. I won’t be germinating anymore seeds this year.