Non growing question


From Michigan here, grew 12 outdoor photo plants and got a good harvest of 40lbs. Worked with someone who then took the undried buds and bagged them for freezing in regular freezer. He kept holding out for a better price from them. Just recently told me that after converting them to oil the sale was for $6000 for entire crop. Just wondered on your opinion. Was I taken or was this past year a low mark for crops?

Welcome to the forum @jailerinmi ! So a harvest of 40lbs…wet weight. Was that also including leaf or just the buds? Usually weight refers to dried product.
$6000 for 12 plants…that’s $500 each. How much dried bud would you have estimated to get off of each? What’s the price of bud in your area (I can buy a pound of dispensary quality bud in Vancouver for about $600 now. Crazy cheap)?
But I’ve had deals like that where someone does something without telling you and here’s your share sort of shit, never a good feeling and it’s usually right cuz you probably did get screwed over. Chalk it up to a life lesson and just don’t work with that guy again on a weed project (if you can’t or don’t want to defriend them).

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