No heat matt for seeds

A CAUTION ABOUT GERMINATING FOR ALL This, my 7th grow, had a rocky start with seeds. Saved from the last two years, I started with 41 seeds on March 21 when I always start. The usual paper towels tween plates on a propagator heat matt, I went thru all 41 and bought ten more. Nothing was germinating! Many cracking and stalling, those that threw small tails all failed. For the last four seeds, I left them off the heat and VOILA!! ALL FOUR SROUTED. I won’t use the heat matt for seeds again or insulate with towel layers if I do. The two paper towels under was not enough insulation from the heat.

I do not think many growers know that seeds do just fine at most room temperatures. Even seedlings stretch when the heat is above 70/75F…Thanks for sharing knowledge that helps dispel marketing ploys. We do not live in Siberia

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