No clue what the strain is. But that green is beautiful!


Welcome @Cachewithers beautiful plant, guess it’ll be the mystery smoke.

Welcome @Cachewithers !

The mystery strain is always exciting.

Ya never know what you’re gonna get!

Welcome to HGGC! Gorgeous plant btw :ok_hand: excited to see what it turns into!

Thanks guys, i have my lights on 24/7 and watering every 2-3 days. They’re flourishing. I topped one of them and FIMd the other. The one i topped only has 2 new branches growin. But the FIMd one is just tearing it up with 4 new growths instead. Theyre 3 weeks into the veg stage.

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Cache, I am glad to see another grower who is not afraid to start trimming at an early age. Good job. Do you think fimming is better than topping (at this early stage - maybe less stress)?

Honestly i cant give you a proper answer to that question… I havent been growing long, and since my losses i will be waiting till summer cuz its so cold here. But i will till you the facts about my plants after i topped and fimmed them. One was topped the other fimd.
This pic is before topping the one.

This one is after one week.

Before fim…

One week after…

They both came back super fast… The next two pics are one week after the last pics…

So in my personal opinion they came back from it super fast… At least i think so. And this pic is one week later…
I lost the other one… Came home and it was just plopped over dead leaves were wilting and shit.

Amazing & beautiful!! Welcome @Cachewithers you’ll love the forum!!

The FIM really worked well for you.

Happy growing