No acces to special cannabis soil and nutes!

Hello everyone, another newbie on here :slight_smile:

As you prob guessed from the title I have a question on soil and nutes.
I do not have access to special soil or nutes for cannabis where I`m from, so my only option is to; make the soil myself, with all the necessary ingriedients, and use nutes that you can buy from a regular gardening store, suitable for cannabis.

Now that is my question to you experienced lads.

Lets assume I start with regular soil, what would I have to mix in there, to be suitable for cannabis?

And, what nutes, obtainable from a gardening store, do I need to have for my plants?

Thanks in advance to all, and sorry if this has been asked, but I couldnt find anything in with the search option!

Kind regards, Luke!

Hey Luke welcome to the forum It’s nice to meet you. I would suggest checking in with @CurrDogg420. He has an excellent detailed write up about how to make his own soil. I tend to be more wordy and lose my train of thought so I would recommend reading his thread. I will see if I can find it and re-post a thread link later today if he doesn’t beat me to it. Happy growing and good luck finding a good recipe for you.


Thanks, after some digging I found his post on the soil! I understood most of the recipe, but the “Organic dry fertilizer blends”. Are those supposed to be the “down to earth” fertilizer mixes? If so, what should I look out for as an alternative to that, since I dont think I will find that brand here…
Note that I`m not from the us :)!

Also, since I`m basically adding all the nutes in from the start, would that mean that I dont have to put more nutes in for the rest of the cycle?

Thanks for the help! :smiley:

Hi Luke,

For veg, I like a blend that’s balanced in the N-P-K ratio: the one I use is 4-4-4 but 2-2-2 is basically the same thing. For flower, the plant’s demand for phosphorus increases, so I go with a 4-8-4. Again, other numbers will work, we’re just looking for a little boost in the P. I’ve also just used the 4-4-4 and added some bone meal when I’ve run out of my flower blend.

You do want to add it over time, not all at the beginning. If you add it all at the beginning, your soil will be too “hot”, and that can kill your plant.

In nature, plants live in the “compost layer” at the surface of the earth, and your plant is a key piece of the carbon cycle. When you’re growing in a “living soil” type system, you’re trying to put that nature in a box. The fertilizer gives the microbes in the soil something to compost so that they can stay alive and healthy, and in the process of breaking it down, provide nutrients and minerals for your plant which it could not access by itself. Through photosynthesis, the plant uses those building blocks, along with carbon fixed from the atmosphere, to produce sugars which feed these microbes in the system.


Thanks for the detailed explaination!! Now I get what those numbers mean aswell :smiley:

Are there specific numbers that I should add to the soil in the beginning, and feed over time?

Let`s say I have 50 litres/roughly 13 gallons of soil, how much fertilizer should I add? Just go safe in the beginning and see how the plants feel?

I have read somewhere that your plants basically tell you when you they need nutes, and thats when you add them, but Ill have to look into that some more…

Cannabis is a “heavy feeder”, like a tomato. The guidelines they give on the fertilizer packaging will work. They’ll give like tablespoons per gallon, or I imagine mL per Liter, if you’re on the metric system.


If you use soil and fertilizer suitable for tomatoes, you’ll be fine. I grow weed along side my tomatoes and get good results. Don’t overthink it. Good luck!

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Goodluck, there is tons of great information here.


Thanks all for the great help!

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