Nitrogen excess

This is the last of my 4 Zkittles , this one eje y through hell and back .
I was wondering I can I deplete her of nitrogen as she has to many little sugar leaves :leaves::grimacing:

You can deplete N in soil by just flushing with fresh water

I don’t know what happened with the first sentence :rofl:anyway , should I correct the ph or leave it up as is which is almost 9 ph out of the faucet ? Her last wash was at 6.2 /with 2 gallons.Tthe output was around 6
I think those are nitrogen friendly numbers :grimacing:

Soil does a wonderful job of leveling itself out when it comes to Ph but I would never hit my plants with a Ph of 9 except in a foliar spray to kill fungus / bacteria…Level off your Ph before you water/feed your plants…
N friendly? that has nothing to do with the available N in the soil…All nutrients are absorbed best in a Ph of 5.8-6.5…it is the sweet spot. It can tolerate and function from around 5 to 7…Your sugar leaf production is not tied in to this condition…somewhere she was stressed either by temps, nutrition and or Ph imbalances. She is coming down the homestretch and unless you have some PK specific to last 2 weeks of bloom, just lower you Rh, temps and temp of the water you use to feed/water. No N should be fed to her at this point

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Excellent ! Thank you very much ! One other question that I have for the next crop ,dimming doesn’t do anything for autos right ?

Dimming? you mean lowering the voltage on the lights? Auto’s are not much different than photoperiod plants when it comes to growth…more light = bigger plant…Auto’s will flower and produce with as little as 5 hrs of light but for best return, you want to give as much light as possible. After seeding, I raise my lights from 35/40% to about 80% while the plant is older than week and a half, 2 weeks. Once I see flowering begin, My lights go up to 100% throughout the grow. Some people claim 24hrs of light gives best results but my preference is 18-20 hrs. Because I grow with photo’s at the same time, I keep an 18/6 schedule as photo like / require SLEEP time. I also have temp (hot) issues so I run DARK at noon to 6, later in the season 1 to 7pm…hottest part of the day for me in the desert…


Be Aware: If you’re using Dimmable LED lights, you might alter the wavelength, by Dimming them. Doesn’t matter much, with seedlings (starting out). But for plants in later Veg etc, better, to turn them up to 100% and adjust the Height of them instead. You can use a PAR (light) meter, to check for the level of light.

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Thanks! I think I will leave as is :100: and play with the height of the seedlings :+1: