Newbie to growing

Hey everyone. This is Gracie, the pic is legit but she only looks like she is enjoying a blunt. Actually it’s a turkey feather she earned fair and square during her favorite past time…turkey bowling.



Yes she looks very fast, turkey bowling! I love to see a short video of that! :yin_yang::ballot_box_with_check:

Now…what to do about these pups. They are a single DeeLite, a White Widow and 2 Jack Herer. All Autos. All 2 weeks. But these four shot up like crazy and appear too fragile to transplant safely.

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They look underdeveloped and stretched due to a lack of light. Luckily there is an app for that :slight_smile: Search your app store for LUX meter. Light intensity should be between 5000 and 7000 for seedlings.

You can transplant them deeper and bury half the stalk or so to keep them sturdy. Give them more light.

The photo is too close in but you would see they are sharing the tray of an aerogarden, directly beneath the light source. I did transplant them exactly so though.

Im an indoor newb myself. Started in my kitchen, built a grow room in shed. Took my 3 starters to room and was not prepared for the temp drop that happened in the nw region. All 3 went dormant… 2 died fully… the 1 now is out of shock and is growing a lot. Was my f up. I got my humidity, light, temp, and air flow correct and is looking much better. The light, and how far away might be hurting you a bit. Another point is with autos, its a good idea to plant them in final containers, no transplant. Due to fast grow/ flower, transplanting shocks them.

My 1 left… after 2 weeks or more of shock. Fyi, fem seed, not auto


My lil gorl as of today, doing well imo. A lil brown tips on 2 leaveas, but the growth is great. Using fox nutes every other watering. Im pretty sure the burn came from nutes hitting leaves. Another nubbie mistake.