Newbie questions

So I just harvested my first grow . Think I pulled it early, it is smooth after 2 week of cure but I do notice strong numbing of the mouth when I smoke. I’m 46 and been smoking since I was 12, never felt it like this before ,should I be considered? Also any tips would help and be appreciated greatly, I’m using a 4 x8x6 tent with 2 Mars hydro 600 watt led lights. 1 intake and 1 exhaust fan visison brand . And fox farm nutrients. I’m currently working on my second grow of blue dream. I think my biggest problem was light leaks and being impatient. The first grow was given to me but they were in bad shape . Almost dead,. Left outside in FL (upload://hKCuc0R6MH8xymWhYRC8CCkRFQM.jpeg) this grow was bubblegummer i was told. Had no way to confirm but the source is very trustworthy. So please fellow growers any tips would help greatly. I have been listening to kronic on grow cast for a week now . Love the information by the way.

Welcome to the site…I’m not one of the Grow Maestros, their are some very knowledgeable ones on this site…I have the same problems with light leaks…It’s the nature of my indoor grow area…So in response I only grow autoflowers indoors…I do start most of my photos indoors, then move em outside at 9 weeks or less…
Happy grows