Newbie Outdoors

Hi! First time growing outdoors. Got a late start, June 6th (shipping issue) they sprouted in paper towels. Topped them after the 5th nodes, when should I top the new branches - another 5 or 3 nodes? Probably won’t get the max yield due to the late start but it’s a lot of fun watching them grow!! The two on the right are Skittles, the others are Monster Breath.

Any issues anyone can see from the late start?


I would maybe just shave the new shoot a bit FIM style. Not a true top this late in the summer. Unless one stood heads above the rest. (Sometimes males stretch up above the rest) if you are comparing sister seeds. It’s a red flag for boys anyway in MY experience.

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Definitely time to repot bigger from those pint pots. I will go 1 gallon grow bags. You might be able to finish and those without anymore repots.:point_left:

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Don’t know your region but TRANSPLANT NOW…You should have al least 3 weeks of veg before daylight switches to early flower in most parts of the country (US). That leaves no time for more fimming / topping. Let them grow out and just defoliate to help the bud sites…A little chiropractics will still work at this time…