Newbie - How much longer? :)

Planted these back in June in raised beds. Feeding them only fish fertilizer and hoping for the best they seemingly like their home but wondering based on these photos how much longer I might expect before they are ready to come down. Its getting colder out and rain is coming sooner than later to the PNW but since I have never done this before - wondering if folks had a “best guess” as to when these things might be good to go?

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Welcome to the forum @Tippster

These are in the early stage of flowering

7-9 weeks to go perhaps


Hi Tippster,
Based on when mine looked like that, I am guessing they have been in flower 2 – 3 weeks. They look extremely healthy and happy. If you know the strain and look it up, you can get an approx. flowering time to harvest. I have found the estimates on strains to be accurate. I have some that are ready in 8 weeks (Mango Tango and White Widow) and one (Platinum Purple Kush) that true to being a lady takes her time and can take 15 weeks. Do you remember when this girl started flowering?

Good Luck and Welcome!


Thank you! - its been 2 full weeks - this is week 3 - Strain is AK47

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so u can expect to be slaughtering that beautiful lamb in about 5 weeks if it’s been 2


U must be growing in a greenhouse

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I sort of made one - used PVC pipe to create a frame and plain old sheet plastic - it seemed to do the trick - I have two small desk fans to keep the air moving - so a McGyver type greenhouse if you can call it that.


If you made a canopy / hoop roof, you shouldn’t have to worry much about rain, I would think. Especially with the fan.

This seems to be late blooming if it’s outdoors. Probably due to late planting.

Your plants look great! Be patient, these little flowers will get MUCH bigger.


Hey @Tippster you can get mylar i got it for my grow room it has 98persent reflection its alsome and cheap

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Started indoors in April, then outdoors in early June.


Wow - that is really amazing. I see now I got a bit of a late start but super excited to learn here and get out earlier next year!. I hope I can get something out of my first try in late October!

AGH!!! I want to grow something that looks like this!! :sparkling_heart:

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Beautiful @stevepitt2 ! :+1::v:

Thanks. Grown from seeds brought home from Jamaica :jamaica:


Here is an updated photo - cut this off to get some feedback - looks like its getting close?

7 to 9 weeks when the hairs change color and start to curel a little. You’ll be close need a magnifying glass to be sure

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Hey @Tippster just came across your thread. How did your harvest go?? Hope all cured well​:kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

It did thanks for checking in - I was super happy for being my first try - working on a winter/indoor round now - which is also going well so far. So much great advice on this site - learning a ton.