New Weed Pharmer

Hello fellow growers. I’m new to growing my own flower this year. I put these seeds in the ground in April. I’m in southwestern Az and we have had an incredible monsoon this year. The plants are loving it.
I’m still not sure of the curing process and when the optimum time to harvest is yet, but just downloaded the guide so I’ve got some reading to do.
Just wanted to introduce myself today and thank everyone who shares their highs, Lolz, and lows.


welcome to the machine

I am totally amazed as I am in Vegas and all my stuff just shriveled and dried up on me.
Lucy, you got some defoliating to do!
We are heading in to the end of the summer solstice so flowering should happen any day now…after the flowers begin, you wil lhave 7-11 weeks to harvest. The fall Ocotber moon should be spot on for you


I love how your plant blends in with the bamboo. What a lovely privacy hedge.

Mike, thanks for the info on harvesting! I’m looking forward to it.