New strain growth

I have a yumbolt auto that popped from the soil on Jan 5th. It is a couple days away from 2nd week of flower. It is 42" tall from soil already. I hung a different light to give me more growth height. Is there anything I need to be doing to get good bud growth? Ffof soil autoflower living soil water amended with molasses. Ph today 6.6. Here are picks of the plant. Another yumbolt that I bent when it was about 7 inches tall. It is one week behind number 1.

Here are some pics

John…I am a little perplexed here…Yumbolt is an Indica heavy strain yet yours appears to be growing like a Sativa…long and lanky. You have a really great foundation with your substrate, the right amendments and a quality light…For her to grow SO tall in such a short time, maybe your light is/was too far away and she stretched? Otherwise, just from observation, I would have NEVER guessed she was an Indica dominant strain…When you look at the internodal spacing, it appears to be wider than most Indica based plants. Nutrients, substrate and feeding would not cause her to stretch or grow like that. She LOOKS healthy. Being an AUTO and BEING in flower…you really do not want to disturb her much. Some LST earlier on might have helped but not now…you do not want to stress her and cause stunting.
OLD TIMERS ----we used to fatten up buds by trimming off about 1/8th to 1/4 inch of the tip[s of the flowers and the buds would thicken up…but this was before autoflower…I never tried it with today’s strains. Temp and humidity, with light control, can fatten up the buds. What temps are you running (day and night), what is your Rh and what is the distance and power setting on your light.
When I reach mid/later flower time, I drop night time temps (80 day, 65 night). I cold water shock here and there…If a plant thinks winter is coming, she prepares to flower heavily before the onset. Hormones kick in high gear


As I am new and this is my first time with thus strain I am normally perplexed. The smaller plant puctured is a yumbolt that is a bit over a week behind. I did bend it about 45 degrees when it was about 7 inches high for 2 reasons. 1. The other plant grew so fast. 2. It is short and bushy. The light it vegged under was a newer burple style light. I kept it no more than 18 inches from top. I just switched to a better light and it is on max about 20" off the top. I just want to do the best thing for the girl and get the best flower I can As of yet I have done nothing to the taller plant. There are 2 or three limbs toward the bottom I am thinking about removing. The have a bud on each but where they are at they will not produce much and I think I will get more growth from the rest if I do. It sucks water like crazy. I am giving it 4 cups of amended water everyother day and it is starting to droop at the top by the time I water. I just don’t know what else to do. It seems healthy but it is totally opposite from what it should be. I am not concerned except I do not want to mess it up. After the issues I had with grow 1 I can assure you it has not been light deprived

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sdeprsorry humidity runs between 45 and 55%. Day temp is between 72 and 75 degrees. Night time between 65 and 70 degrees

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BURPLE lights can sometimes not give you the spectrum you are looking for. BLUE light will keep the plant compact (after sprouting and moving into veg state). If there is too much RED, she will stretch for the light. Many have burples that can turn flower mode on/off. I run burple for sprouting only and early veg. I move to white light (full spectrum) for better veg mode. I have cheap 25w BLUE’s to help (not too much or you can stunt growth) keep compact and they also raise THC levels.
I would not touch the lower level buds at all, I would not do anything EXCEPT
gently, not all at one, after darkness (stems are softer) start to LEAN the apical stem over…Careful not to break, no chiropractics here, just start leaning her over. After 4/5/6 days, you should be able to have that stem running horizontal…try to get a bend around where the 4th / 5th node branches are setting up a canopy. Secure the apical stem near the net so you have a pivot point to work from…then begin the training
Just let her grow…

Thank you. So much to learn. That is one of the things I love about the process. I wiil try the bend

So I thought about bending the tall plant as you suggested. I have decuded not to. I also think you are correct and I should. Even though I am new to cannibis growing I have gardened (and be passionate about it) since I was a child. I need the science and shared experiences, but I think in this case I need to observe and learn. This plant is perfect for observation it is open and I can see and touch every bit of her so that is what I am doing in this case. So I am going to follow your last suggestion and just “let her grow”. Thanks brother for your interest and commitment to this community.

Some things to expect…She will either force you to have you light higher and the other plants will not get the light they deserve or she will start to get stressed from being so close to the light…Possible issues: Hermies, nanners, foxtails, maturity at different rates…
I think…(me, not godsend) that the effects on the other plants and the possible stress to her outweigh letting her grow. I would start bending her over. Tie her where she is neat the net…go up below the top bud and hook her, string her down to the front of the net…tighten a little each day till she meets the horizontal line

Ok makes sense. I said I figured you were correct I will start bending her tonight. Thanks again