New seedling question

Can I use fox farm ocean Forrest for seedlings? First time grower.

You talking about planting seedlings in fox farm soil if so i wouldn’t plant straight in it you can do this fill your pots put solo cup of seed starter soil in Screenshot_20210421-085212~2 The fox farm soil to hot for seedlings

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Definately put seedling in a nuetral medium 1st, when it grows into a plant the roots can reach the fox farm of soil, im using it & it works great, just too hot for new seedlings. happy growing!

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Thanks for the information. I thought it might be too hot.

Your welcome my friend

I have been using good earth organic “zen blend” for starting and the seeds (dee-lite, blackjack, banner and tangerine, all AF) seem to have loved it. I then do a 40% zen blend with a 60% ocean forest at transplant.

Seeds do not need ANYTHING but water for the first couple weeks. After sprouting, just try to keep the temps from getting too high or the seedlings stretch. 75f is fine…Then you can move them to zen/of with no worries

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