New Life is Always Magical

Planted a batch of seeds last Saturday on the Equinox. They started popping their heads out on the second day. I have them under lights, but yesterday, sunny and 70 here in Massachusetts, I put them outside under the sun.

4 White Widow Autoflower CBD with some THC for a little buzz to go with the medical effects.
5 Durban Poison, old school landrace sativa.
3 Critical Mass, high THC with high CBD.

Hoping for a good season. Raised beds this year


My cannabis has always been indoors, gonna try out doors this year. Been raised bed gardening for decades now, the only way I can any more.
Just started a new autoflower grow last weekend myself. Always exciting.

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I would love to grow outdoors! I’m afraid my squirrel buddies would think I planted it for them. No matter what I plant outside they feel they have to bury peanuts around it and/or sample it.

Of course it would probably help if I didn’t whistle every morning to call them to feed them peanuts LOL


Plant peppermint around your grow area. Each corner is sufficient for 30’ x30’ area. I plant it around my garden and it keeps most everything out.