New here to the group

Hey groupsters I’m new on here from ny and was wondering if I can get some help with my plants I noticing the leafs are looking off

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Welcome to the group my friend but def gonna need a few more pics before anything

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Looks like you may need some calmag but not positive

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Ok thanks ![image|375x500](upload://cRHhGKiBcQF76jhJIbjE5rEdTkb.jpe

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Have you had the chance to use the nutrition they have “the plant protection” ? Or would you know if it will suffice for cal Meg ?

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Need know what soil your useing and pictures of whole plants @Skartier oh and welcome to the forum


The crispy tips are no biggy. That’s a little bit of light nutrient burn. It will outgrow that.

The big left sun leaf on the right plant. That looks like early spider mites damage. I would pinch that leaf off and look at its underside and petiole closely for mites and or webbing.

Did your plants get too dry recently? The tip burn is common on young plants if they got too dry; the nutrients concentrate as the water evaps away and can cause the crispy tips. Even if you are not overdoing it. I have found spider mites love this set up. Overly dry plants with a little crispy tips. That’s the dinner bell for them. If those were mine I would take each plant to the desk lamp and check closely for spider mites. If there are none then great. But I am suspicious👀 of that leaf.


I’m not exactly sure on that but will look in2 it a little deeper and see if we can find your answer

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Welcome to the club @Skartier! Are you a Buffalo Bills fan?

My first thought was also spider mites. Check the undersides of the leaves. If you find any specks of “dirt”, see if they’ll move on their own when you disturb them.

Are these autos or photos? I’ve successfully rescued a vegging photoperiod plant from mites by treating with neem. But I probably wouldn’t risk using it on an auto. It’s got a nasty smell (hence it’s insect deterrent properties) and it doesn’t come off.

You need to treat the entire space. If you have other house plants, check them as well as they could be the source.

If you have a basement, it makes an excellent grow space in our area.


GO BILLS! :grin: spider mites are nasty & can be difficult to spot.


Goooooo Billllls! All the way to the Super Bowl.


Another very good way to check for spider mites (recommended by all the cool nurseries) is to shake them onto a white sheet of paper and then rub them firmly with a finger. Are those specs now red? You have just found out what spider mite blood looks like. I had them on my peach tree. Captain Jack’s Dead Bug or some BT spray will get rid of them. Both are organic and safe to use. I’m not much at growing cannabis but my peaches are incredible. My strawberries too.

Welcome to the community.


@reefers what peaches do you grow?

I just planted a peach orchard last spring. I am one hell of a bench grafter and plan to go crazy in a couple seasons with scions. I did 8 peaches and 5 nectarines. I hope to get 1 fruit this summer. I know not to expect anything until year 3.
Indian blood red, frost, Salish summer, Betty, Oregon curl free, contender, q1-8, sweet bagel
Hardier, kriebiach, kriebiach 2, red hardy(Canadian bc), atomic fire red

The nursery claims the Indian blood red is the same line that was gifted to Georgia Washington in his orchard. The same grafted line. Sounds plausible.?
Now that’s holding onto a clone. :point_left:

My wife says I overdid the peaches so I had to put all the nectarines in 10 gallon grow bags back with the cannabis.

I also put a Costco 5 grafts apple tree and an cosmic crisp apple tree out front with the peaches. They are lined up on the south of my lot and get full sun. I love growing fruit too. I put in 3 different cherry trees 5 yrs back and a couple of pears before that. My favorite filler plant and cover crop is strawberries. :strawberry:

I was also blessed with a 30yr old huge blueberry patch put in long before I was here. They were planted in the flood plain of my creek and get silted every year when the creek floods. They love this. The stems are like tree trunks.

We put in a couple of fuzzy kiwi vines too. 3 yrs back. They grow just like grape vines. They supposedly grow like crazy near Seattle. Have high hopes for these next season. I am letting them choke out my neighbors overgrown cottonwood suckers that migrate my way surprisingly fast. Free live trellis.

The last berry patch I put in two years ago was the raspberries. Did an early red, late red, and a golden. I put them where the creek has cut a deep canyon and steep banks as it exits my lot. The raspberries control erosion really well I read. So far it has made a huge difference. And taste better than willow leaves or cottonwood seedlings. My kids eat them outside all day. They are probably the easiest berry to pick in my opinion.

This fall I got my blue Java banana. I also got a strawberry guava plant. It is supposed to be cold hardy and hedge out if you top it. Just like a laurel hedge. It’s leaves are evergreen and the fruit are known to taste great. I shall see. Oh yeah, and a Pakistani mulberry. Read they are easy to grow so why not. I want to see a 8” long fruit that looks like a black berry, a raspberry, and a banana all did it together. And they supposedly taste good too.
From the fruit tree site, not my fruit, yet…


I’m using fox farm coco loco mixed with ocean farm soil … I’ve been using they nutrients as well

@Skartier there anyway you can send pictures of the hole plants

If I had the land, I’d plant more fruit trees. My tree was planted last spring and produced fruit the first year. It’s a Dwarf July Alberta. The flavor of tree-ripened fruit that you eat within minutes of picking is unlike anything you buy in stores. This year I know more about it so I expect to bring in a lot more fruit and avoid my mistakes the first year. Peaches are tough because every pest loves them.

We inherited the strawberry patch and it produces a pound to a pound and a half a day every day for three to four weeks. We eat a lot of strawberries in the spring. Can’t beat it.

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