New growth thin leaves

I’ve never had a plant look like this before. New growth leaves are very thin. On day 50 of this autoflower white widow.

Any thoughts on what’s wrong with this girl?

@DojaGrow looks like potassium deficiency and high nitrogen. My guess is pH lockout. Test soil pH before amending to fix potassium. If it’s too low (under 6) just fix your substrate ph and you should be golden.

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I just tested runoff water, and it came in at 6.7ph. So within a very reasonable and tolerant range.
Is it possible these symptoms could come from a nutrient toxicity? I ask because I have been feeding the plants plenty of teas.

I am growing in a quality soil (Coast of Maine tomato & veg soil), with Natures Living Soil nutes mixed in as a living soil. And I feed teas at least weekly since week 5, with a mix of their autoflower concentrate and flower girl power concentrate as well. I did add some FoxFarm Cal/Mag to one of the teas last week, which I think I will stop using.

Note there is some yellowing and browning lower leaves on the plant as well.

So I feel like the plants are getting plenty of nutes.

@DojaGrow you need to test soil pH not runoff pH. Soil pH will always be higher or lower than run off pH and run off pH isn’t always a good indicator of what’s going on in the soil.

If it’s a nutrient toxicity it’s likely nitrogen or maybe potassium. It looks more like nitrogen to me which is why I suggested testing soil pH to rule it out. Nitrogen excess or toxicity will increase the acidity of the soil and lockout potassium, calcium, and magnesium. Potassium will lockout nitrogen and phosphorus.


@DojaGrow yeah. I was editing as you responded. I took a closer look and you may actually have a potassium excess not a nitrogen one. Potassium excess can lock out phosphorus and cause phosphorus deficiency which would give the dark colored leaves along with the purple piteoles and stems.

Potassium excess will raise soil ph.


So I did test the soil, and it read a bit alkaline (7ish). Though my soil tester is quite cheap, so I’m not sure I trust it. I’ll try and get a better performing meter.

I appreciate the help a ton!

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@DojaGrow it’s potassium excess not deficiency as I first thought. Took a closer look at all the symptoms.

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Just read your last post. Which aligns with my soil reading a bit alkaline. So perhaps that is it. Toxicity from too many teas.

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@DojaGrow yeah a potassium heavy flower tea locking out phosphorus.

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Thanks again for the knowledge share!

I planted two seeds of the same strain in pots filled with equal soil. One Came up like this - a forest jumble of THIN leaves. This plan ultimately withered on me while the other one didn’t, despite both plants being treated equally. I cut it down & focused on the normal one (both were Photos). I’ll never know what happened…

@Bulbous52 was the soil mixed and moistened properly before planting in it? Store bought soil can have hot spots and poorly mixed amendments so I always moisten and mix it myself before planting in it to avoid this very problem you mentioned. It’s also possible you had some root issue or one seed was contaminated with fungus or bacteria.