New grower problem

I am a new grower. My plant has just developed this problem. At first I thought this was a calcium or iron def. The discoloration in leaves are only happening in top colas nearest light. I growing in fox farm ocean. 100watt LED light. Room temps average about 74° and humidity about 55%. This is a bubba kush started from seed. Thoughts?

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Hi @Nestle559 !

Nice to meet you! How far away is your light from your plant? They may be getting sunburned. Just a thought.

Happy Growing! :v:

I was worried it could be that as well. I Just moved my lights up the other the day…but I may turn the strength down now. Thank you!

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I learned it, myself, over a year ago. I walked around them for two days before I sucked it up to ask. :rofl::v:

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you are in flower, do not turn the lights down, just move them a little further from the tops. High PH can turn the plant purple as can the nature if the strain. Bubba k IS IN THE PURPLE FAMILY. LOW TEMPS WILL ALSO TRIGGER THE PURPLE HUE. SOME BUBBA CAN EVEN LOOK BLACK.
Sunburn (uv) can cause the purple color too. Cannabis Can Turn Purple in the Cold

Cold breaks down chlorophyll and allows anthocyanins to become dominant, giving weed a purple hue. Exposing your cannabis plants to cold temperatures can make the leaves change color. But only if you have a strain which is genetically programmed to do so.

You need to be very careful, as extreme cold will damage your plant, and could even cause it to die.

So, how do you make your weed turn purple? You need to gradually reduce the temperature during the dark cycle as your plants get close to harvest time. A nighttime temperature of 50°F/10°C is ideal but reduce the temperature slowly to avoid shocking your plants. Monitor them carefully, and only do this just before harvesting. Keeping your plants cold for too long could reduce your yield.

If a strain is genetically predisposed to turn purple, it may well do this by itself, particularly, if it is grown outdoors in temperate regions.


Pssst. It’s the fire time, unless I’m mistaken? Where is it cold so I can run for it? (That’s saying a lot. I have absolutely NO IDEA why people misunderstand me on a regular. NONE.) :eyes::scream::thinking::rofl::joy:

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