New grower just started

Greetings thank you for the add I am new to this growing experience I had decided to go with hydroponics figuring since I have time all day to maintain it would be best for me I decided to use a closet for my growth space it is approximately two and a half foot by 6 ft I added a ventilation fan to the top I added a intake vent to the bottom of the closet door which allows cool air from the room to enter it seems the room temperature is right around 72 to 77° down where I have the 5 gallon buckets I just added a humidifier cuz my humidity seem to be running around 35% it might seem a little crazy however I have a 2000 gallon koi pond in my backyard and I had noticed that a lot of plants that I have growing around the pond had moved and rooted in the pond water and after doing some research I see that they use aquaponics for plant and vegetables growth is possible… I had ordered a quick start kit which had a sample of the nutrients in the kit… I germinated the seeds with the paper towel method and that was fine out of four seeds three of them germinated one of them was a bit slow… I had decided to not grow them in a small pot and transplant but rather than to put them in the five gallon permanent container. After researching autos I found that it was sometimes a tricky proposition and was best to grow right into the pot that it was going to mature in… I decided to not use the nutrients that were provided in the quick grow kit and to just start with the pond water I have been raising koi for many years and always test the water to provide for healthy fish… My plants seem to be doing great they are 10 days old now and appear to me to be healthy and growing well…

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