New grower. Help me troubleshoot!

Hello! I’m a new grower and am learning many things along the way as well as countless amounts of research. This morning I checked on the plant and 2 of the leaves are starting to curl. I was reading nutrient burn? How can I fix this or prevent it from spreading? I have it in a fabric pot with lights about 20” away from 4am-11pm. The soil is part coco, compost, vermiculite and worm castings. Soil stays wet for a while so I don’t water it often. Just a mist. I also have white hairs on top of my other plant. It’s only about 6” tall so I don’t see how it could be entering the flowering phase? Please guide me!

Hi, new grower here as well. On my 2nd grow. So far so good. Did much reading as well. One thing that stands out is your light schedule. 4am-11pm. I started with auto’s the first time and ran lights 24-7 with no problems. Photos my second time starting a 18-6 schedule for veg. Then switch to 12-12 for flower.
I am using the cheap ac infinity led that sells for $99 in a 2x2x5 tent. Going by manufacturer instructions with the dimmer and height.
What type of plant are growing and your lighting as well?
Your light could be too close or too bright depending on the light you have.
Do you have an exhaust, oscillating fan?
What’s the temp and humidity?
Do you check ph?
I have a water filter that connects to a garden hose fitting. It takes out the chlorine and chloramine plus others things from the tap water.
Then I check the PH and adjust to 6.5 before watering.
Without the water filter I was getting some brown spots on the leaves of my first grow. The filter helped with the spots.
Hope this helps.

Howdy! Back again!
Gave your post another read. Was wondering about your growing medium.
I think you might be needing more good things other than worm castings.
Are you using additional liquid nutrients or just what you listed?
It’s all really a balancing act. Lights, water, nutrients, growing medium, etc…
If one thing is off it might cause another issue.
Trying not to ramble… just looking for some basic go to things before commenting further. I am sure others will give there experience on items as well.

Hi @Lightweight420 ! Thanks so much for taking the time to type all that info! I’m thinking the light I have was advertised incorrectly. They are essentially just colored and serve no purpose. A new light has been ordered. Was speaking to an experienced grower and he advised to start using Veg+Bloom feed. Soil has been flushed since it looked a little like nutrient burn. Fingers crossed this can be saved! I’m not expecting much this first time around. Learning as I go!

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