New Grower: Help diagnosing possible deficiency

Hi, I’m a first time grower and have started with two Zamnesia Monster Dwarf Autos in Soil. They are now at day 40 and have been in flower for about 10 days. For Nutrition I use Biobizz Grow and Biobizz Bloom. I don´t have the tools to directly measure the water PH, but the water supply of the city I live in has published the last report with PH of 7.4.

Nr.1 is looking pretty good. Nice and bushy with a lush green color.

Nr. 2 on the other hand hast started to show some signs of deficiency on the leaves. I would really appreciate your help to get a first hint on what I need to look after. See below:

Looks like you need some Calmag…

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After some more research it does look like it really is a CalMag deficiency. CalMag should be processed in my PH range, so i think there really isn´t enough in the soil. I fed some today, will update if anything changes. :slight_smile:

Yeah I just dealt with that in my last grow! As the plants get older, I just ended up feeding Calmag every time I watered. But I’m going to transition to no toll gardening and get rid of the bottled nutrients

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