New grower curious how she looks? GG in soil

GG in 2gallon soil. A little lst 1 bend. Other than that just tucking leaves. I’ve giving her 1/2doses of cutting edge solutions 3 step nutes. I think she might be about to flower??? I just hope it’s going ok. Ph 6.7 going in 6.4 coming out. Growing is really helping me with stress. I think I’ve found my new passion. :christmas_tree::christmas_tree::christmas_tree: any help is greatly appreciated!!! Happy Toking!!!


She has pistols in allot of creases also

looks nice…if she is a gg4 PHOTO, consider TRANSPLANTING NOW to a larger container…like 5gal, she will more than double the harvest

I was told she is auto. I’m going to wait a week or two and go from there. If no more pistols and flower start showing I’m going to go 12/12 and see what happend 4?

What do you think? Auto or not?? Born 7-11

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i would say auto, having pistils already… looking good,

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Thank you! I think i stunted her by overwatering. She’s been a great 1st grow for me so far. I’ve learnt allot

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