New grower any tips

Just planted 3 Autos on my balcony a couple days ago using 5gal fabric pots. They get about 6hrs of sunlight and I usually water in the morning. Any advice or tips I could use during the grow? Much appreciated

Hi Matt! Hope you are well. Are these sprouted, seedlings perhaps? If they are, they might grow upwards slow while they are rooting in the big area of a 5 gal. Depending on heat in your area, more light is possibly needed. If they are still seedlings or not sprouted yet, less water and more humidity. Just be careful if covering for humidity cuz they can fry easily with too much heat. Check out Kyle’s germ and transplant guide and he mentions how much he waters a sprout/seedling. Hope this helps! Also, I don’t give autos any nutes until almost flowering, 4/5 weeks. Water more steadily after new and steady growth. Only extra I would give them at a young stage is kelp and bug/mold preventatives, in dirt not on foliage. Make sure any foliage spray or preventative is ph checked. Good luck!

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The temp has been in the mid 80’s here and pretty humid, some rain but I’m able to get about 5-6 hours of sunlight. They haven’t sprouted yet, they are 2 days old. I really appreciate the advice

I haven’t tried sprouting outdoors yet due to fear of frying. I usually dome then and put under a low wattage bulb until I see them come up. A clear cup or a plastic wrap and poke holes for air exchange. It keeps the humidity up and you won’t need to water. I like to rotate the germs a quarter to half turn around the light every few hours to get even light over the surface dirt. It’s prolly just an OCD thing, lol. Be very cautious if you dome them and leave them in natural light.

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5-6 hrs of sunlight is not the same as daylight. Autos only need 5/6 hrs of light to produce. With the heat wave we are having in the west, I moved many of my plants (the mobile ones), to thee shade. The auto’s still grow decently. It would be nice to have more sunlight as you must take note of the summer solstice and the shortening of light from here on out.


That’s not enough light :candle::rainbow: