New grow started (My 2nd Run)

Two Grandaddy Purples a Gelato and last but not least Ya Mar. GDP and Gelato are from Homegrown. Ya Mar is from a dispensary i go to often in Colorado. Ya Mar is crossed with Panama Punch & Fall 97 with a whopping 26% THC. Its 70% sativa. Im definitely excited you guys and i cant wait!!


Nice I’m excited for you :raised_hands::fire::fire::fire:

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@Philly111 life is but a :innocent: dang good dream. Looks Good

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Can’t wait to see the progress!

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@2Grow4Love @ HGCC GG #4 Fem.

Fresh Trim Job :laughing: and a Rain like water down Couple Day i’ll go Sea of Green and tie the limbs down in a half moon


@DollarBill looking good brother!!

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@2Grow4Love check these out One Day GG #4 Fem (i have 4 for winter grow)

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3 week update on my girls. Added 1 more Gelato to the run. New Viparspectra XS2000 light that i cant wait to see the difference in flower that it will make. This light is amazing thus far and it didn’t break the bank.


@2Grow4Love Wtg! killer sweet like

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2 weeks later and my girls are looking happy! One more week and i will flip them. My favorite part of the grow…flower time! Happy Growing guys!


Damn those ladies and looking good. Great job sir.