New grow / New changes

Started my second grow - trying out a couple of GG#4 auto’s this time. I decided to make a few changes though after basically terrifying my plants in my first grow. Thought I would share a few newb mistakes I made in first auto flower grow.

Lights - I started out my first grow with some cheap octopus looking thing from Amazon called a grow light… it did take the little girls into part veg… but I eventuly decided to buy a few better quality lights if I wanted my plants to keep living. So I wound up with two ViparSpectra P 2000’s and a 4x4 tent. They provide more par than I really need for up to four auto’s.

Soil - First grow was Miracle Gro potting soil…actually wasnt that bad but …well… you know. Switched to Fox Farms Ocean Forrest mixed with about 30% Perlite. Seeds went directly into soil - now day 28 and only water from day one. And now for the best part…

Containers - Switched from Walmart 3 gallon plastic pots to 5 gallon grow bags and learned to leave shit alone…Took the forum for God and thought "well I need to do that to my plants too ". Im sure I drowned and choked my first girls with ferts and eventually I went Edward Scissor Hands on them…Holy shit they still gave me almost 5 oz between the two. Not this time. Just add water to a tray… that’s it.

Fot watering I have switched from top to bottom watering and will never look back. My bags have 2 inches of clay balls on the bottom below the soil and sit in a tray. All I have to do is add a little water to the tray when it gets dry…the clay balls suck up and store the water that simply wicks into the soil. The plants take only what water they need when they need it. It works petfectly…watering problem gone, no more fungus gnats…no more worries.

These simple changes from first to second grow are really paying off so far.