New grow lsd and thc bomb

newby here When I sprouted my seedlings I had weak lights and they stretched 4 or 5 inches. I am supporting them and they are growing but I am concerned the stems will not hold the weight of the plant. Anything I can do?

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@MoOG first lower or upgrade your light. You can fill in the pot with extra soil if there is space or you can transplant it deeper in a new pot. As for nutrients to help making sure you have the right NPK for each stage and keeping your micros like silica and magnesium in range will help a lot too.

Here is my thought. I have had times where the stems were thin and falling over. I tried adding more medium (soil / coco / etc) but they usually died after watering. I had some outdoor stuff going and I took some leaves and crumbled them up and surrounded the stem to support it and it worked great. In my tent, not having any leaves, I crumpled up paper and did the same thing. I was able to cover the entire stem up to the leaves and it worked great. Got the fan going to strengthen them and light in the right position, added a little more blue spectrum and all fixed

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Thanks I have new lights and they are sufficient. my soil is good foxfarm ocean forest and living soil auto nutrients. PH is right on. I wasn’t sure about adding soil up the stem. I will try that how close to the leaf can I get?

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@MoOG I’d leave 2 to 3 inches of space between the top soil and the bottom leaves so you can still get decent airflow. @Mrb53004 suggestion about making sure you have a fan will help strengthen the meristem and side branches too.


I recently posted for info on stretching I followed advice and got inventive on my own. I am going to post some pics of one of my plants because I have a couple of questions. 1. there is some spotting on some leaves. I am using ffof and autoflower living soil. PH is 6.4 to 6.8. light is 18" above top of plant. 2 I want to bend it so as to get more bud sights there is a pic of the stem should I bend now or wait?

Bend now or the stem can get too stiff. Make sure you have it supported before you bend. Sometimes I bend a little each day. You do not have to drink the ocean, just a cup at a time will get it done. I LST almost all my auto’s. You can tell when you should not and just let them alone.

Best wishes for a fruitful New Year


Thank you the bend went well I believe. Any thoughts on the leaves? And a happy and productive New Year to yousir

I try (TRY - big word) to tuck on autos, defoliate on photo. It is the same thing, you get to know your kids…some are stronger than others and can take more discipline. I have defoliated auto successfully but remember, know your strain, your genus and what the outcome will be if they stress out

Thank you I bent my lsd today. No signs of stress. I did tuck some leaves. Thanks for your help

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so the girls are 2 days from 6 weeks old. all are supposedly autos. I want to post some pics hoping someone can tell me where they are at thanks #1 is lsd the other 3 are thc bomb[Uploading: 20210112_15594421.jpg…](

actually 4 is the lsd