New clones flowering - what to do?

I thought I’d take a few late season clones, but shortly after I did I discovered my plants were beginning to flower. It wasn’t detectable when I took the cuttings, but the new little clones, all thriving, are beginning to flower too. Any expert opinions on what I should/could do now?

Were they autoflower, or photoperiod? If they were auto, you can’t really get good results by cloning. They’re more like a “deterministic” tomato - they grow for sort of a set number of days and then set all their fruit at once. Taking a clone does not reset that clock - the new clone is still as old as the mother.

If they’re photoperiod, they should re-veg if you have them under a vegetative photoperiod- 16+ hours per day. If they’re under 14 they’ll want to flower. So if they’re outside currently, you need to get them indoors and give them a few more hours of light.


If you are able to re-veg them under more than 14 hours of light, the results can be amazing, just be prepared to see strange new growth developing, i got alot of non serrated singular leaves forming ,but once it re-vegges it can explode with beutiful new growth.


That’s kind of what I was hoping for. Should I snip off the newly forming buds?

I did, only because they were mature enough to use, if you leave them they will just wither & die, but the plant will develop new growth.

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They’re feminized and I’ve got them in a domed cloning station. I left the light on for the last 20 hours, then I was planning to go to 14+ per day. Sounds like they’ll be salvageable.

i would go ahead & run them under 18/6 light schedule


Go to 24 hours of light for two weeks then cut back to 20/ 4 off until height is reached then 24 dark before bloom cycle, this is from a over sixty year🌿grower, BadMF good growing!


Also flush then use veg nutes, until bloom time

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Hoods come in different sizes be more specific, thanx

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I agree with bad motherfucker. I always take my clones outdoor and let them root in the natural light. This is how I always fix them if I get behind schedule and they start budding outdoors. It’s always scary when you see your trays of clones start budding. Don’t worry.

You want to give them a clear veg signal and no confusion. I would go 24 and then slowly bring them down. They will veg faster that way. A couple weeks of 24💡will not mess them up at all. I have pinched out the small growing buds, and I have left them on sister clones. My experience is pinching them off allows them to re-vegetate faster than the ones you don’t. My theory is the buds leave flower hormones longer. But I don’t know that is the reason for sure. I have also pollinated these plants. The seeds will develop on the little buds and then you also get vegetative growth that will take right off through the buds. Like fox tailing, but veg stems instead of buds.

I have also done running 24 hours all through the winter on my keeper clones. The perpetual light never seems to hurt the plants. They just grow a little bit faster. The only hiccup comes in the spring when you put them out. Even if you wait till the solstice. Going from perpetual light to some sort of night phase seems to trigger flowering traits. Even at the solstice. It’s counterproductive. I try to slowly bring the light down until I match the hours of light for my location in the spring. What ever your outdoor plant time photoperiod usually is for you. If that makes sense.

If you are indoor just go 24 hour veg on them until they are as tall as you want. Then flip them to 12.

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where you hail from…though the Harlemite was a dead giveaway

Funny you mention the strange new growth…

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yes, i also got alot of single blade leaf with smooth edges…im sure it may look different on different strains…but all of those re vegged clones are doing incredible, i gave away a few clones with flower on top & everyone that has them is amazed, although quality & quantity is yet to be determined, but im thinking it will turn out great…

I almost forgot, some of the brand new growth coming off the stems can kinda look like male parts, but they are just curled up , so dont be alarmed, but still keep an eye on it… :v:

Sounds like you could make some great bonsai with the cuttings. This issue of High Times has an article on that very subject. Be interesting to see how long they last after flower.

Don’t panic, I’ve been cutting clones after the plants are flowering with great success. The clones will take a little longer to root but they will. I’m working on seventh generation AK47’s and every year they produce beautiful plants that each produce over a pound of buds.

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