New at this starting to notice somthing not right pls help!

Please help im new at growing and well be updating weekly o my grow. This is my 1st week and 1/2 in and i started to notice my plants leaves are looking sus. I notice on one white lines on the leaves and yellow dots on anther plant. Please help i dont want my girls to die i really put alot of time into my set up.


@Growerfosure Your plants look fine, nice job. You have already got them growing and they look like the’ve got plenty of room to grow. Just don’r overwater them or overfeed them. Let those roots develop so they can search for what they need. They will find it. Good luck and enjoy!


She looks really good just back off watering her allow her to dry out some :blush:

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Thank you so much for the feedback. I have anther ? To ask my plants look funny today. Can you tell me why does it look like this? And do you think it’s time to trim and train? Imgur: The magic of the Internet

@Growerfosure Looks good, but I probably wouldn’t have topped if yet. That’s just me, you do you. There is nothing wrong with that, just personal preference. Good luck with your grow

Yup did some research and found out not good to top autos

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At this stage it’s fine. They’re just getting started and will adapt. I topped (fimmed) my autos because of vertical space constrainments and they all came out great, more individual tops.

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Do u have any pics so I can see it i m new on this forum.I may he overlooking it

@Timothy80 You can check out pictures of my grow "Bruce Banner Fast Version /Winter Indoor Grow ".

Your plants are looking great keep up good work :ok_hand:

You are suffering from Newbie syndrome.
Newbies fall into two general categories.

  1. Jack and the Beanstalk
  2. My Babies Ain’t Right.

I was number one. I spent about 10 minutes researching, bought a dozen seeds and threw them in the dirt. Out of 12 seeds, 9 survived and yielded less than 2 ounces total. Lol
I was a very busy businessman on an 18 acres spread in the mountains. I told myself, “how hard can it be? They are just weeds.”

You sound like number two. “My seeds don’t look right. The leaves aren’t the same! My stems are leaning! I forgot to look at my plants this hour!!”

Your plants look great. The leaves will get a spot off two now and then.
Set your timer to regulate your light. Follow a water schedule. Check on them no more than daily and once you get the watering figured out, make that every other day.
Don’t be a helicopter mom.
Let those babies grow up.


Yeah, Let those babies grow.

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