Negligence or discrimination?

What’s your experience now that the cannabis laws have changed?

My cousin helped me move my plants in the garage. You know the rules, never ever tell nor show your grow! But - I soon saw he was back on meth. I asked him, he blew up, repeatedly threatened to kill me and to my wife’s face. I called the police, they never arrived. I sat on the front porch with a baseball bat waiting for my tweakerbell cousin all night.

2 months later, he text threatened me, but I should have reported it.

Another two months, I’m about to flip my grow within the week, and I find my grow uprooted and gone, missing also are tools and a $1700 guitar. Called the police, sat on the front porch smoking j’s to calm the nerves, and no cops. Drive down to the downtown station the next day, and the operating hours are 11-4:30, M-Th in a major California city?. It’s Saturday, so I go home, call again, and finally get an officer on the line. They eventually arrive, and start telling not just one, but many huge stories. The previous shift, the officers responded at 2:30 am, knocked on the door, and found no one home (I was puff’n a j on the front porch, I told them, how did you manage to step over my body and determine I was not at home?) They were the only two on duty (after they left, we walked around the block, and see three patrol cars at another house). They said they would get the Ring footage next from nextdoor, (my neighbors four months later still say no, they have not). They separated my wife and I to take separate statements, (my wife was not, nor has been, allowed to give her statement). The police refused to take evidence (fingerprints/DNA) but were able to count the empty pots of dirt. Not a plug for insurance, but here in California, you’re in good hands with …yes, they covered the loss of the plants not just the rest. But the police refused to take my leads - the only ones in the know for this grow were the two who supplied me my clones, and my cousin. I stated this to the police (sorry, case closed because I was uncooperative and police had no leads). Truth: I smoke weed and have a legitimate need, have a medical mj card from the state but, cops hate that, roll their eyes, cast me as a dumb stoner, tough titties.

Three months later, I’m working the night shift and last night I came home for lunch. I intended to harvest tomorrow morning. I caught my tweaked cousin stealing my plants. My wife confronted him, I jump back because he swings at me (later I find he cut my shirt, but missed me). I beat the crap out of him, call the cops, and when they finally come, take statements, they again refuse to take evidence, this time did not even come on the property to take pictures nor see his bike he used to climb over my fence. Instead they give him his knife and keys I wrestled away from him, and sent him home. Reason: I’m sorry, we don’t have enough evidence to arrest at this time.

Please tell me what is the Truth: too lazy to take fingerprints, take pictures, and do their job? Or the pigs think, “Mike is a stoner, F him, why help?” Is it negligence or discrimination that allow the police to behave so?

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I used to support police, but after this I am beginning to understand the defund the police movement - they aren’t doing their job.

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@YippieSkippy it’s a prop 47 thing. Since it was a “non violent” crime and there was no injury to you or your wife it takes a back seat to all the other crime. Especially since a controlled substance is involved.

Prop 47 both helped us (us as in growers and responsible users) but it also made it easier for criminals to rob us blind. A person can commit robberies and burglaries and as long as they don’t hurt anyone they can pretty much get away with it if the police don’t catch them in the act.

That being said charges can still be pressed for the guitar and other things if you have an itemized list with serial numbers to the police in the report. If he is caught with the items or caught selling them at a pawn shop or other such place he can still be arrested and charged with burglary/robbery and grand theft.

Unfortunately since CA is still releasing non violent offenders even if he is charged and convicted it’s likely he will received a reduced sentence or be given time served if they hold him in jail until the court date.

You pretty much have to hurt someone or commit a crime spree to be arrested and convicted in CA these days.


Sounds like they look at you like they look at your cousin alot of cops look at cannibas as a drug they don’t see the difference


That sucks it’s your cousin. Otherwise you are completely justified in every state to shoot the ba$tard dead in defense of your castle.


:neutral_face: Spotify :v: are not actually

@CurrDogg420 only in states with castle laws. Otherwise, in states like CA, you can only shoot if there is a direct threat to your life and safety. If the offender sees you are armed and starts to leave and puts their weapons away if they had any the threat is already eliminated without needing to open fire. At that point in time you just stand your ground and call the police.

If they don’t leave and put their weapons away though you have every right to shoot until the threat is neutralized.

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@MDBuds I could be wrong about “every state”, but actually I was right about CA. If an unlawful forced entry has occurred, the homeowner is presumed to have had a reasonable fear. So long as, the person is not a family member. So maybe the cousin gets a free pass to break in.

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@CurrDogg420 that’s if the family member is an immediate family member and member of the household with reasonable cause to enter the home.

Extended family and people that are not members of the household are not included. You can open fire on a cousin that breaks into your home if they are not a member of your household and you have fear for your life and safety.

Even then as I stated CA does not have a castle law so if the cousin put his weapons away or left immediately and was no longer a threat you still can not legally fire upon him.

Only if a state has castle laws can you shoot at someone just for being on your property.

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Right, this isn’t a “trespassers will be shot” situation, which is illegal in many states. As it should be.

It sounds like he wasn’t just on the property, he also broke in to the man’s home. That is a crime punishable by death by homeowner in most states. As it should be.


He used his bike placed against my locked fence. It was his “stepladder.”

The po po kept asking if there was forced entry. I replied do you normally place a bike against a locked fence to climb it? But then there was no forceable entry? The fence was locked, with a sign that says: Forget the dogs, beware of owner! They considered that lawful entry?

Update: I spoke with a lawyer, and followed his advice. I picked up a civil harassment packet today, made sure it had the CLETS order, filled it out. Tomorrow is the free class on filing, and you won’t see me at work.

Wow, my questions never end: I found this on California’s NORML pages:
Although California law does not prohibit marijuana users from having guns, using a gun in connection with an offense such as cultivation or possession with sale can result in additional criminal charges. Users are advised to keep their guns in a location that is separate from their marijuana.

So if I shoot the tweeker, because he is stealing my marijuana, I get additional criminal charges?

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I’ve heard CA is a socialist dystopia, but in this case it’s actually not that bad.

@Long name guy, it didn’t sound like he had arranged to pay you. Maybe his intent was to “assist you with cultivation”. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

But that wouldn’t matter since it was forced entry. You don’t need to try to play criminal psychologist when someone is crawling through your window. Even in CA.


@YippieSkippy yeah. In CA climbing a fence is not considered forced entry. It’s trespassing. Now if he broke a lock or forced himself through a locked door or window it would be forced entry.

That harassment suit is your best bet and I would suggest adding a restraining order.

Also, since Marijuana is involved I wouldn’t personally shoot someone breaking into my shed because they still haven’t passed legislation making gun ownership legal for people who grow legally for medicinal or recreational purposes. It’s more a federal thing than a state thing.

So, for now, if you have to defend your home make sure your grow area is separate from your living area and only use a firearm to defend your living area.

There is legislation in the works to fix this but it’s still a ways out so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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Nationwide Growers Union


I’ve lived in the same home for 22 years. I am getting tired of the traffic, homeless living on the freeways, every year a rate hike for water, electricity, and natural gas, and this meth problem that is also plaguing the homeless, not just my cousin. I work by the ocean, and the water stinks more and more every day. One third of the year you cannot swim because of Tijuana. We have an out of touch governor, and the police are useless.

Either I move, or get a paintball gun and shoot for the eyes….

Please talk me out of that 42 acre property up near Yosemite. Double dare ya! The clones I gave my sister in law last year had fatter nugs that tasted better than mine!

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Just call me Mike, Michael, or Miki, as long as it’s not late for diner!

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I could affiliate with that! :+1:
Working dues by the onion :joy:


If he comes on your property with out your permission and comes in your house in ky you can blow there ass away


:v::laughing: in Arizona click click BANG!! second shot, he frukt up


My cousin’s older brother filed restraint orders against his own brother, the meth addict with burglary as his source of income. His wife is/already has, served divorce papers and full child custody. Seems like crap is starting rain down at his immediate family’s residence. I filled out 50+ pages of a civil harassment order with the CLETS attachment (temporary restraint orders the police must respond). My wife works at a sports store, so I’m off work today, why not go pick up a few slingshots at discount? Beats the price and legal repercussions of lethal firearms.

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