Neem seed meal during flower

Anyone have any thoughts on using Neem seed meal as top dressing for pest prevention in flower. I’m in my 2nd week almost 3rd week of flower and I’m wanting to prevent any issues. I’ve already seen one little green caterpillar and sprayed bt on plant once already, but wondering about other pests. Any thoughts on using Neem seed meal at this stage?? Not as foliar spray obviously, just as top dressing.

no NEEM or any other oil when in flower mode
BI is usually efficient but caterpillars are on the fringe edge of BI inoculates. BI can deal with eggs / larvae in the soil but anything on the leaves is different
I have a solution I make and can be used up to and including flower but I am UNSURE of effectiveness on caterpillars alive on the plants. They can be very destructive in a short time. HGCC just posted a video on them but mostly it was MANUALLY checking and removing them. If you have concerns over : Broad Mites, Russet Mites, Spider Mites, Aphids, Thrips, White Flies, Botrytis, Leafhoppers, Powered Mildew, Fusarium, Wilt, Downy Mildew, and other molds / mildews…then my Organic non - GMO concentrate will work and SAFE to use during FLOWER and HARVEST

Caterpillars are a common pest especially during flowering. But you’re on the right track Neem seed meal is excellent for combating pest during all stages of growth. Next time around I would recommend not only to use the neem seed meal but also incorporate insect frass, Trifecta crop control. Use them in a rotation 1 each week all throughout entire growth cycle. Another rule of thumb is your environment weather growing indoors or out environment is crucial to combating these such problems. Proper ventilation such as a strong carbon filter and at least two rotating or oscillating fans. One on the bottom one on the top proper air circulation permits pest from being able to set up shop on your environment. Proper airflow should make your plants dance in the Wind achieve this early on during vegetative state and pest should not be a problem that’s for indoor growing. For outdoor growing I recommend the three combined components listed above happy growing.


What’s your non GMO organic pest control? What about castille soap as prevent during flower? Anything else suggested as a prevent during flower. I’m already using bt weekly &/or after it rains.

Castile soap can be a powerful insecticide, but it’s important not to overdo it on your plants. Since it can remove a plant’s natural protective, waxy coating, spraying too much castile soap directly on your plants could leave them more susceptible to pathogens, or even burn them. For it to work, you apply the insecticidal soap spray to your plants in a heavy coating, as the spray only works if it saturates the insects you’re trying to kill. This is not good for flower as it can strip the oils (thc).
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