Neem oil for pest

I haven’t noticed any pest. But I was thinking about using neem oil as preventive. Will that be ok? I just want to make sure it won’t affect the stomata

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Yes, some of my expert friends here said prevention is better than reacting to bugs. They told me neem. However, they said you have to spray with no lights. The oil intensifies the lights and will burn your plants. So, dark up and spray then let the oil dry 100% before turning lights back on.

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@Garden420 I personally never use neem oil if I can help it. Neem cake I will use as a soil amendment but I avoid neem oil. There are much better options for prevention that are organic and safer to use on your plants.

Milk solutions, liquid kelp solutions, garlic solutions, essential oil solutions, etc…

I even go as far as to try to avoid even needing those preventatives by making sure I have companion plants to ward off pests and by keeping my plants as healthy as possible so they ward off pests and diseases themselves.


What companion plants? Also, I’ll steer clear of neem and look up the solutions you mention.

What organic soap do you use – if you make essential oil solutions, etc.?

I put marigolds between my plants when I was growing outside. Was told they were a natural pesticide.
But I did use Neem oil when I spotted some nasty Army worms. It worked.
I was careful too only spray the leaves and stems. DO NOT spray on the buds. It’ll be there when you smoke and tastes like crap.
I also sprayed the soil and even the sides of the raised bed cedar box.
We had a swarm of Ladybugs come into our porch. We caught as many as we could and put them in our garden. They actually stayed there until harvest.

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@GrnyGrows I personally usually use basil, mint, German chamomile, and lavender because they grow well in my environments.

I don’t use a soap base for my essential oil solutions. I use water, sunflower lecithin, and fats (such as organic oils or even tallow or lard).

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