Neem oil catastrophe

Here a purple punch feminzed that I had spider mites and sprayed with neem oil,weird thing is I have another plant same genetics and it wasn’t affected and I am currently growing in my tent.

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What time of day did you spray it at?

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In the morning it was indoors and I brought it outside once it looked like this.

Did u spay with a pressurized nozzle

And were the lights on after you sprayed?

Did you dilute the neem oil properly? Neem oil can be pretty acidic and if not diluted properly and phd it can burn your leaves just like garlic and pepper oil.

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I believe neem oil is light sensitive and will burn when put in certain light. That is my guess @itsgrowtime

@Itsgrowtime Yeah from now on to be safe spray your plants right after the sun goes down. Thats definitely from the morning spray and the sunlight.